An observation on our drafts

Before i start i just want to say that we didn't have a terrible draft. Actually we picked up great depth which will be a help going into the future. So moving on, let me share my thoughts with you.

Every year i watch the draft, and every year I blow a fuse. This year was one of the worst in a long time because i had such high expectations. I think we did ok, but I think we could've done a lot better. A major problem I've observed is our team thinks they're smarter than anyone in the room. Sometimes I think i can do better. Actually i do think I can do better. Every year i wonder how is it that Pittsburgh & Baltimore have such great drafts.

How is it that they know more than anyone. This year I figured it out. They pick the logical players available at the time of their pick. My reaction to their picks usually goes this way: " yup, makes sense, god I hate them." And i proceed to curse them out. Rarely am i puzzled by the player they choose.

So how is it that every year they select players on my wishlist (and probably on your wishlist too)?? All they do....get ready for this.....all they do is pick the players in the order that are generally ranked by the consensus media guides . In other words, they pick the players that the general consensus says are good players, and in the proper order. They pick those players that I scream for the Broncos to draft but who get bypassed every single year by the Broncos. HOW DO I KNOW THESE PLAYERS ARE GOOD? Easy, i read about them on Scout's magazines, I find them listed in order by credible sources such as Mayock, at Pro football Weekly, and so on. The way the Mayocks of the world form a list i this: They survey professional scouts & coaches for their opinions.

Take a closer look at Baltimore's drafts. They follow the generally agreed upon order, maybe Ozzie Newsome doesn't have such a hard job after all. They pick tough, 3 down players. These players are available in almost every round. That's why when we go against these teams, we get pushed around, because we spend 2nd round picks on the Eddie Royals, on the Tatum Bells, on the Darius Watts's, on the Alphonso Smiths, on the Ronnie Hillmans (Hopefully i'm wrong on this one). Yes, Hillman cost us a 2nd (Equivalent to a 3rd & 4th, which is what we gave up). The only year i liked our 2nd round was when we picked Darrent Williams. (RIP). I think Derek Wolfe will work out for us because he's a tough nosed player, I just think we should've gotten him a bit later.

I know we criticize these media guides because of wrong evaluations like Jamacus Russell, Tom Brady, Terrell Davis & Shannon Sharpe. But i have to tell you, they're a lot more right than they are wrong and that's totally fine. No one could really measure what's in player's heart, its almost an impossibility to be right 85% of the time, but 60% isn't so bad. So instead of making fun of them with statements such as "HAHA, the so-called experts are morons, HAHA", lets look back at what they generally say about our drafts. They almost always say we got it wrong, that we reached. As fans we get defensive, we don't like to hear it, but 3-4 years later they're right, we stand here as fans and say "Boy, the Broncos sure blew that draft". We almost always do this, guys. Every damn year. And every year we sit back and watch Pittsburgh pluck strong, gritty players in rounds 1 and 2. They almost never miss, and the media generally agrees with them and gives them good grades. Its not very difficult, If you don't miss in the first 2 rounds, you end up with 10 core players after 5 years. Sprinkle in a late round hit every 2 years and you end with many pro-bowlers who are the backbone of your team. They do this because they don't go against the general consensus.

I just want to say before i end this: Hey, Broncos F.O., stop acting like you're the smartest kids in the room. It's getting very old and very wasteful.

(PS. Has anyone else noticed how well San Diego's rebuilt their front 7 just in the past 2 years? Its a little concerning actually. They pretty much went back to the drawing board & are now talented, big, strong and athletic. There's been many talented linemen available the past few years and all we've got to show for it is Ayers & Derek Wolfe. Von Miller is a LB !! Dumervil is hybrid !! He fades by weeks 12-13)

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