My Post Draft Mock (WTF)

This is a mock that is made up of many players others mocked us before the draft. If our draft went like this i'm sure it would have that aesthetically pleasing view to it with the big names, that many feel we are lacking. Many people dislike our draft and say we reached, and would prefer this. However hind sight shows that this would be a total reach. I am not totally excited about the draft and wish maybe we picked some of these players, but this shows why, I maintain my trust in EFX, and so should you.

Round 1, Pick 25. Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan State

We cover our biggest need with what is most likely to be the best DT available. However Wothty didn't get picked until Round 2 (51)

Round 2, Pick 25 Lamar Miller, RB Miami

What we get Miller after we get our DT, nice. However he didn't go until Round 4 (97).

Round 3, Pick 25 Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan State

Nice after covering our two biggest needs, we get a QB to sit and learn. Round 4 (102) overall.

Round 4: Alfonzo Dennard, CB Nebraska

We cover our need for CB, with addition of Dennard, "No way he last that long" you say. Huh, he made it to Round 7 (224).

Round 4, Pick 13 (from NY) Chase Minnifield, CB Virgina

We continue to address our secondary after getting murdered when getting spread wide. What Minnifield went un-drafted.

Round 5, Pick 2 (from STL) Vontaze Burfict MLB ASU

We take a risk on Burfict, and Jack Del Rio gets the most out of him. Another Un-drafted player many of us had mocked in the late rounds.

Round 6, Pick 18 (from NY) Chris Polk, RB Washington

With Mcgahee getting old, we need to continue to add depth at RB. "I guarantee he will be gone before the 4th" What? Yet another player who went un-drafted.

So instead of Worthy, whom many would have been fine with in the first round we get at proven hard worker in Wolfe and Omar Bolden who can become a real steal when healthy.

Instead of Lamar Miller in the 2nd round, who many thought would be great, we get a HR hitter in Hillman, who has two great statistical seasons, and hasn't even develop his man body yet, kid is only 20.

Instead of Kirk Cousins, we get Brock, I wouldn't have mind something different or waiting to the 3rd to get either one.

Instead of Dennard, we already got Bolden from trading back to get Wolfe, and save the pick to get a well rounded C in Blake who can also play G.

Instead wasting picks on Minnifield, Burfict and Polk who all went undrafted, we add more depth at the D-line with Malik Jackson, and add a tackling machine in Danny Trevathan. Then bring in a decent UFA class of our own with out all the issues.

My overall point is that leave the work to the professionals, mocks are fun, but when reviewing the aftermath don't get butt hurt cause they didn't follow yours. There is a reason they are the professionals.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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