It is FUN time

Well, We can all piss and moan about the draft and I think it is healthy to vent to our friends and family here at MHR. My gut tells me we are not totally aware of what was going on in the war room and that we got most of the guys we really wanted and were not afraid to draft them regardless. Only pick that I am still stewing a bit over is the 2nd Rd QB (I can't spell his name so why try). BUTTTTTTT.... Now is the time for fun. From now on, we get to start watching and seeing just who is the next (insert your favorite Bronco and round he was drafted or CFA here).

I LOVE seeing who is that one guy who surprises, the Rookie who will stand out, the CFA or 3 that will have a good chance to make the team, the 1st year player that really steps up, or the VET we are surprised that gets cut. I look at Draft day as one of my favorite days of the year and that is no different whether I agree with the picks or I dont.

Here are my early season thoughts on what to keep an eye out for as the offseason progresses.

We did not draft a FB so It will be interesting if we keep the Sylvester kid or if one of the TE's plays there when need be?

Who will be our 4-5 or possibly 6th WR. How many do you think we will keep?

Will one of the new linemen stand out and really push for playing time? ( I am betting they do) Our backups are horrible so they should at least make the team?

What happens when DJ is suspended. Does Woodyard take over and never let him back in or does the new rookie everyone is raving about surprise us all?

Can Irving beat out a REALLY BAD Mays at MLB?

Which CB's will be the Dime and reserves? Anyone think both Vaughn and Squid make it?

Does our your safety's step up? I am rooting for Moore to come back now that he has had a year to quit worrying about being fined for a GREAT hit. ( I still think that was what caused his downfall last year)

Who is going to return punts/Kicks?

And the most important of all things. Who will win the much anticipated battle for the long snapper position. We finally have a Training Camp battle on our hands for this much heralded position. hahaha

Please add to this list or answer from your perspective.

YIPPE only 3 more months till raining camp. Cant get her fast enough for me.

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