Competition for a final roster spot: Offense edition


The draft is gone. Some liked, some disliked, but the fact is that these are our players for the next season. We also signed some UDFAs and they will all compete for one of the 53s final roster spots.

Let’s take a look at every of our positions and think about competition besides grading the unit. First of all, our offense:

QB: Caleb Hanie, Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler, Adam Weber

No news here, Peyton Manning will be our starter and receive all the snaps his health permits. I believe in a good competition for the 2nd stringer spot with more advantage to Brock over Caleb. I don't think Weber makes the team.

Unit Grade: A+

T: Ryan Clady, Chris Clark, Orlando Franklin, Adam Grant, Ryan Harris, Tony Hills, Mike Remmers

We have a Pro Bowl Caliber playing left tackle, the most important role on the OL (Clady) and a powerful and big rookie on the opposite tackle (Franklin). Harris is an excelent backup if he remains healthy and has the skills to get the job over Franklin. If it happens, I think Franklin is kicked to G and remains a starter. All the other names will compete for the remaining 1 or 2 spots.

Unit Grade: B

G: Zane Beadles, C.J. Davis, Chris Kuper, Manny Ramirez, Wayne Tribue, Austin Wuebbels

Kuper is a great and experienced guard, but Beadles still struggles sometimes, especially in pass protection. I don't think this is a much quality depth, so I don't see how any of them can make a starting job. I believe Ramirez and Davis will compete for a backup job and the others will be cut.

Unit Grade: C

C: Philip Blake, J.D. Walton

For me, Walton won't lose his starting spot and Blake will provide us depth. Both make the roster.

Unit Grade: C+

TE: Joel Dreessen, Virgil Green, Cornelius Ingram, Anthony Miller, Jacob Tamme, Julius Thomas

A solid group of TEs and, because of that, I think we'll carry 4 to the final roster. I don't believe in surprises on this group, so I see Dreessen and Tamme as starters, Thomas and Green as backups (and Green also being used as a FB). The others should be cut.

Unit Grade: B

WR: Andre Caldwell, Eric Decker, Mark Dell, D'Andre Goodwin, Tyler Grisham, Jason Hill, Greg Orton, Eric Page, Gerell Robinson, Brandon Stokley, Demaryius Thomas, Tim Toone, Matthew Willis

Another great unit we have in our WRs. Thomas should be really dominant this year receiving passes from Peyton Manning. Decker should have an excelent year due to his ability to catch passes up the middle. Stokley provides us experience but I don't think he makes the final roster... so I think our slot receiver will be Caldwell. Hill is very fast and should be there and see all the other names competing for 1 or 2 more spots.

Unit Grade: B+

HB: Lance Ball, Mario Fannin, Ronnie Hillman, Jeremiah Johnson, Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno, Xavier Omon, Austin Sylvester

I see this stable as a very complete one. Despite of the critics, Moreno has decent numbers even for a 1st rounder while McGahee is expected to keep carrying the most part of the running plays. Hillman is a pick I liked very much, is an excelent elusive player and can use his speed to be a threat on every play. I think Ball and Johnson compete for a room on the final roster and the others will be cut.

Unit Grade: A-

What do you think about our offense? And about the final roster? Do we have a Super Bowl caliber team? Are you confident on this group?


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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