What's your thoughts on Brock?

So we got Brock Osweiler, the QB from ASU. I think a couple weeks up to the draft it was evident this is the guy Elway wanted. IMO we had the slot saved for him regardless, rather then let the board work to us. I think our pick in 2nd round was a little early for him, our pick in the 3rd was a little to late. However i'm far from an expert! From what I read this guy would have most likely been a first round next year, most likely next years 3rd best prospect after, Landry Jones, and Matt Barkley. I wanted to do some more research on him and I started off by watching Jon Gruden's QB camp with him. These thing are always more exciting when the guy is on your team. If you haven't seen it watch for yourself. Here is my thoughts.

First thing I notice is how big this guy truly is, he also isn't bad looking (No Homo). Ok the important things I got from the video.

Osweiler seems full of himself. Take it how you want it either as confidence, or cockiness. I think that he is confident with what he knows.

When Gruden points out some mistakes this guy is humble and quick to accept his fault. I think this is great because the easiest way to coach some one away from the problems start with them knowing its a problem.

I'm not sure why but my initial opinion about him is that he doesn't seem to intelligent. His Tattoo "Live Life to It's Fullest" didn't help either. It should say Its not it's (it is)! This was a little bothering however, when going to the chalk board Brock was quick to show some intelligence, on the diagram, which also seem to impress Gruden.

One thing I enjoyed is watching Gruden actually break down film, where Brock looks solid by standing strong in the pocket.

The think I like most about this, which solidified my opinion about him being confident over cockiness is the fact that he was quick to take notes when Gruden pointed out a flaw.

Overall, Brock seems very confident with his size and ability, he is quick to take fault when needed, and he is willing to learn.

Oh one last interesting thing is when Gruden alluded to "Manning making a living" out of dissecting cover 2, after watching Brock do it on a clip. I found this Ironic at the least, being that he plays with him now, and can continue to build his strength while addressing his weakness..


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