Sure fire player we should move up to get.

Is there one player that is a sure fire starter from day one, with a high likely hood being a perennial pro bowl player. A player given our recent moves would be more critical than DT, LB, CB, RB, WR? A player we should highly consider moving up for.

After careful analysis I believe the answer is yes. That player is David DeCastro. Why? Well a few reasons:

1. J.D Walton is the worst pass protecting starting center in the league. I don't say this lightly take the very in depth analysis by

I think as Bronco fans we know this. These guys do 8 hours of tape study on just centers. Plus Stink makes fun of him all the time on the radio.

2. We got this guy - Peyton. Saturday called him when he choose GB. That should tell you how important it was to Denver and Peyton. Peyton and Denver know how big a deal it is. We MUST become one of the best pass protecting OL in order for us to succeed - PERIOD. Peyton simply can't take the abuse J.D will cause him.

3. You can't win in the pass game if you have a rush up the middle. Teams the have poor pass protecting centers struggle - it's just that simple.

4. Does it really matter who our RB, WR, DT, LB are if Peyton is hurt? NOPE

5. Versatility - you already have Franklin who can play 4 positions. DeCastro can play all three interior positions at a Pro Bowl level. If someone get's hurt you can easily move him. It allows the Bronco's to carry less OL and increases our flexibility in drafting and signing FA's.

6. Most people don't realize this but Stanford ran a the ball a TON. If you take UNPLANNED runs by Luck away they had more running plays than throwing. He is an absolute beast at run blocking.

I know your thinking DeCastro is a guard. Actually he can and has played all three interior positions. Here would be the ideal starting line: LT- Clady, LG - Kuper, C - DeCastro, RG - Franklin, RT - Ryan Harris. if Ryan's back can hold up he is a better Pass Blocking RT than Franklin. Franklin has Pro-Bowl potential at guard. That is a SB contending line. With Beadles and Walton - The Peyton dream might be short lived.

Do I think Denver will make this move? - nope. But I can say if we don't address our OL pass blocking ability or lack there of. I'm afraid Peyton won't last half the season.

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