Kipers Latest Mock

Mel has us taking:

Round 1 Michael Brockers DT LSU 6-5 322 I believe he will get much stronger and possibly even get bigger. He will be able to wreck havoc in the middle of the line, also the dude use to play DE so he should be a very athletic DT.

Round 2 Lamichael James RB ORE. 5-7 194 I have wanted this guy all along. I believe the smaller more compact RB is the way to go. I believe he could put on 5-10lbs which would make him the about the same size as MJD and Ray Rice. IMO the small guys seem to hold up better and he has the shiftiness and break away speed we are desperate for. Pair him with Willis and Knowshon we would have a very solid backfield.

This is a dream come true in my mind!! Here is what I would like to add to that

Round 3 Mike Martin DT Mich. 6-1 307 Don't know a ton about this guy but he was a state champ. in wrestling after only doing it for a year or two. Has to have good footwork and know how to play with leverage.

Round 4 Tommy Streeter WR Miami 6-5 220 Very raw but has all the measurables to develop into a star. Who is better at developing WR's then Peyton? Instant red zone threat. Plus he's from the U.

Round 4 BJ Coleman QB Chatanooga 6-3 220 All the measurables rocket arm. Not sure why he left Tennessee if it was character or what, but in round four he would be a good developmental QB and could possibly even beat Hanie for the #2 spot this year.

Round 5 Vontaze Burfict MLB ASU 6-1 248 Everyone knows the story on this guy. I think he is worth the risk and with Fox coaching him who knows what this guy can do. If his head is in it he could possibly start day 1. This would give us flexibility with Irvin to move to WLB with DJ's Suspension and provide solid depth. Before the combine I wanted to take this guy in the 1st.

Round 6 Travis Benjamin WR/RET. Miami 5-10 185 Another speedy WR from the U. He ran a 4.36 at the combine. He could be our #1 returner from the start and fill in the role of Royal much cheaper. He could develop into a solid slot guy.

This would give us some solid contributors right away, it may be more offense then most would like but I think other then d-line most of our starters are set on D. We could add depth at all positions through UDFA and I see Goodman getting cut which would create some room to add veteran depth at low salaries.

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