Lets Get On With It Already!

What were they thinking anyway? What right do they think they have? How in the world do they get away with things like this? When are they going to start listening before they make all of these decisions, decisions that have such a major effect on us all? When are they going to ask US, THE FANS what WE want?

Just ask Kaptain Kirk if he gets two months vacation every year. Ask John Bena if he gets three. You can ask all the rest of the members here the same question and I highly doubt that there are many that do! (Except retired guys like me! I get 12 months a year, but I earned it.)

We have a bunch of 20 year old kids (some pretty BIG kids I must say) who's vacation starts at the end of the regular season, (January 1st) and ends when OTA's start in late May through June this year, (with some exceptions) and that's after just their FIRST year of on the job training! I would have loved that arrangement throughout my working career!

Now, don't misunderstand me here. I know that a season of football takes a lot out of a player, and more so to some than others based upon the position they play, but WE THE FANS want football games all year, at least organized activities for us to watch and discuss! Now even the OTA's were reduced from 14 organized activities to 10, without OUR PERMISSION!

By the time we are two weeks into the FA signings each year, the years Draft has been mocked by countless "experts", who's mocks are re-mocked by countless fans, who's mocks are mocked by other fans mocking them because they feel their mock is the best mock mocked to date. The fact that at that point the draft is still a month away is bothersome!

The draft needs to be pushed up about three weeks in my opinion. Then instead of mocking more mocks for three more weeks we can actually begin to talk about how well we think we did, and how well we think this new group will come along. We will actually know much earlier who our divisional Opponents got and how we think we measure up to that.

What do we do about that? Is there anything that we can do?

Enter, THE B LEAGUE: Two weeks after the Super Bowl ends the NFL's B League begins. (It's like Baseballs Farm Teams)

The B league is comprised firstly of all the players that each of the A league teams signed who failed to make the final roster the year before, including the practice squad players, and any players who were college UFA's are now drafted into a B League team and have a second chance to develop, to show what they can do.

It is also made up of Coaches (not currently holding NFL jobs) who will have an opportunity to show off their skills. It could be an 8 game season with a simplified play off program comprised of just the division winners. (If in fact that will work)

NOW, WE the Fans, get to watch our B leagues "up and coming players" develop, and it takes some of the boredom away from the off season. The B League playoffs end about the time that our OTA's begin, and each team is allowed to "protect" those players as their own until the middle of the regular season, and "call up" players from the Farm Team in the event that an A League Team player is injured and out for the year.

Then the next year it starts all over again, and I am no longer bored to death ;o) Just think of how many College UFA's may end up finally making the A team simply because they were given this extra opportunity after their college careers' ended.

I know! It's a pipe dream and would take a lot of organization and money to put it together. The argument against it will most likely be that our college program is enough of a B league, and not something that we need to supplement. However, just thinking about the possibilities that a program like this could offer has taken up a little more off season time, and the draft is now just a little bit closer!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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