My first Mock Draft

This is my second year following MHR and the NFL draft is one of my favorite times of the year.

------Here is a 3-round mock scenario of this year that would make me happier than Albert Haynesworth when he sees a player laying down with his helmet off. Let me know what you guys think.--------

Round 1 Pick 25: Michael Brockers, DT, LSU

-Nobody knows if Brockers will even be available, but I imagine that this would be the best possible player available in that department as Brockers is a great athlete with even better upside. Poe will obviously be gone before Denver is up, possibly landing in the top 10 and Fletcher Cox's stock just keeps rising and rising.. fading further and further out of our sights. The best remaining D-tackles in order are Brockers, Still and Jerel Worthy. I would be very happy with Brockers as I believe he will be a beast and would make our front 7 one of the most feared in the league with all of the pass rushing ability. I would not be opposed to taking Devon still, although I believe we could get a slightly lower caliber player in the second who has less injury concerns. I would be very unhappy if we drafted Jerrel Worthy. I believe that he is inconsistent and won't pan out to the player he can be.

Round 2 Pick 57: Doug Martin/ LeMichael James

-I am very high on running back Doug Martin, he reminds me a lot of Ray Rice and his style of running seems to be the same style in comparison to some of the greats in the league right now such as Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, and Matt Forte. Unfortunately, the same problem may occur that could in the first round with Brockers. The likelihood is probably greater that Martin is off the board by the time we are up. If that is the case, I present you LeMichael James. I know that some will say that this is too early and we should try and get him in the third, but I really do not believe he will be there. LeMichael James has big play potential and I feel that he reminds many other than myself as a Darren Sproles like player who can truly be a gamechanger. Peyton Manning loves throwing the ball to his running backs and both of these backs are good pass catching backs.

Round 3 Pick 87: Derek Wolfe or any tackle of his caliber.

I honestly have not looked very deep when evaluating defensive tackles but I feel with every draft analyst talking about how deep the defensive tackle position is this year, that we can get fine value to add. I wouldn't be opposed to a cornerback or offensive tackle at this point either. I would not want us to draft a wide receiver this early as i feel that Peyton Manning can make a 5th round prospect produce 1st round stats. Unless Alshon Jeffrey falls to us which is HIGHLY unlikely, the only other receiver who would not be upset about us drafting this high is Marvin McNutt because I believe he is a very underrated prospect who has tremendous upside and could flourish under a Peyton Manning led offense.

This would be my favorite possible scenario. Let me know what you guys think and take my poll and vote for your favorite possible draft scenario from below.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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