"Just Bring Me My Coffee! It Isn't Here Yet?!?!"

I make jokes (I'm not 2funny a guy, so forgive me) to Kaptain Kirk in most of the comments sections after he toils over the latest greatest news items to present to us each day in Horse Tracks. **{[|( I honestly think that our Community of Fans Here At MHR! can/should, compose a POST about what they appreciate about another fan here at MHR! THAT, in itself would BLOW AWAY this little contest that is carried on in other fan blogs. (I think it is a "Vote on who's the best at doing whatever at your blog" sort of contest!)|]}**

SORRY! I just had to get that off of my chest. However, I do think that the idea of writing an "Appreciation Post" about another member here is a valid concept. It certainly represents a large group of posts that could be written about the people we share or lives, thoughts and aspirations with daily. I suppose that I could just base what would have been the votes, on who it is that you all write about! That way, the only people who get to vote, in essence, are the ones who actually take the time to write one.

Of course, in this case scenario, we can all vote as many times as we chose, for as many different members as we chose. It's just that since each "vote" = an article, not only would it make us all the tightest fan base in the NFL, it would also point out to newer members why we respect one another!

Kaptain Kirk, and I posted several posts last year about our new coaching staff, and I hope that many of you were able to get a better feel for the Coaching Staff last year because of that. The real reason for this article is based on one of those articles from KK that you can see here. (By the way, I am daily lovin the fact that the Kaptain has continued to LIVE, after many of the the other "founders" of this community have passed away!)

The funny thing is that, it wasn't until I had written the title for this article that I realized how well it fit Horse Tracks, and this article at the same time!

When/if you take the time each year to get to "know" the current coaching staff, then you have already taken the time to read their individual BIO's on the official site. Hopefully what KK and I did last year was to add something more to help your familiarization advance further.

The reason for the tile of this post was intended to be a sarcastic slant on the "Quality Assurance/ Control Coaches" position on our team. Many may think that it is just a "Gopher" position, and in some ways it is, but I guarantee you that it is "the most advanced and intelligent (not to mention, valuable) "gopher" position used anywhere!

Without the Quality Insurance Coaches (quality control/assurance does NOT fit the description for our team's use of them) OUR TEAM WOULD NOT HAVE WON AS MANY GAMES AS THEY DID LAST YEAR!!! So what exactly do they do?

What they don't do is........



They don't get Razzed as rookies who just joined the most Elite Fraternity in Professional Sports!

They get put to work!

At every single Sundays game, they get to watch the results of the "Project" that they started working on 14 days before it ever happened. They are the organizers of information, and as such, they are FORCED into a learning process that is a MUST for every individual who is aspiring to eventually reach The Ultimate Coaching position.

Obviously they don't all make it. There are only 32 HC positions available in the NFL today, but even before that, many of the "would be HC's" wash out of the program, due primarily to impatience, and not due to lack of intelligence.

It's hard work, at the lowest level of the "coaching tree", but it is the MOST VALUABLE basic production of anyone on the coaching staff! The work that the "rookies" are doing for the preparation of the next weeks game is of utmost importance to the stream lined version of the NFL that we see today!

Gathering (electronically and otherwise) the information that is going to be used by all of the position coaches, on up to the HC, all of that information that is going to be needed for the upcoming game a week from now, is what they do. I hope that they have a staff of their own to help out with all of that!

All of that pertinent game film on the next weeks team, is separated into the segments that are necessary for each of those departments, (don't forget the OL coaches stuff, or the DB coaches stuff) and that is what takes up their time! A weeks worth of time, in advance of when the Positional Coaches, and others, who will need it can have it is an absolute must.

That's the job that they do. But then on game day, and during the week, they are given more! After the rookie year, they begin assisting the coaching staff in real time.

Think about the load they just took off of the rest of the coaching staff. Any NFL team today, if they had not joined the rest of this league in this well thought plan, would be constant bottom feeders, constant losers who would not have a clue why their opponents were better prepared then they are.

It seems to me that the title of this piece is what the Quality Insurance coaches should be screaming at the rest of the staff!

Brian Callahan, Quality Insurance, Offence



Jay Rodgers, Quality Insurance, Defense.



The interesting thing I noticed about these two guys is that they were both QB's in college!

Go read their Bio's, HERE & HERE

I'll bet you didn't know that Rodgers little brother Jeff is our STC! What will amaze me is if this position doesn't soon have specialists that aspire to be NOTHING BUT Insurance Coaches!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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