Taking the Best Player Available at 25

In a scenario where we are not able to trade up or down... These are the players who I would take

1. Fletcher Cox - best overall and pro ready DT ---- but the odds of him being here are LOW

2.Jerel Worthy - great at to getting the backfield by timing snaps and good tape on player.

3.Michael Brockers - loads of potential but not as proven as the two prospects ranked ahead of him. Probably largest upside of the three tackles though.

4.Luke Kuechly - one of the best coverage linebackers to come through the draft in years. NFL network has spoken about how he can easily make transition to play an outside linebacker role. With questions about DJ Williams, I would not be opposed to us taking Kuechly if he were to fall this far based on his supreme talent. It is hard to argue that if Kuechly were here at 25 that he is not the best player available.

5. Dre Kirkpatrick - good size and game film. Playing for the University of Alabama means he played against the best of the best in college and aside from Claiborne I feel he is the best remaining cb in the draft.

6.Stephon Gilmore- next best cornerback after Kirkpatrick------ I want to add in Jenkins but am stopping myself from doing so due to his glaring character issues i just do not believe EFX will take the risk on him.

7.Dontari Poe - Poe is more of a developmental project than an early difference maker and I don't think there would be a better team that could excel that development than the Denver Broncos. But we are in win-now mode and we need a defensive player who can make an impact from day 1. Poe's game tape is unimpressive and there are many aspects of his game that need to be fixed.

8. Doug Martin - my favorite running back in this year's draft. He is such a complete back with a great blend of speed, power and vision. But for the most part I am against drafting a running back in the first at pick 25.

9.Peter Konz- I am content with starting center J.D. Walton and believe he will grow into a solid starting center but one cannot deny that Konz would end up being an upgrade from him.

10. Shea McLellin - McLellin is an under the radar prospect who is just now getting recognition and is being compared to by some to Clay Matthews. Looking at game tape, he can do it all at outside linebacker and is good in coverage as well. I believe that he is a late first or early second round talent so it would not be much of a reach to snag him at pick 25.

11.Mark Barron - I am aware that we used two picks on safety last year, but a talent like Mark Barron is one to consider when you put into account his rare blend of size and speed along with his ball hawking skills. He is the type of player who I think could successfully cover those big tight ends like Gronk, Hernandez and Gates and make plays off of them.

Other considerations: Hightower, Mercilus, Perry, Reyes, Zeitler, Adams,

We should NOT, in any case, draft a wide receiver in the first round! We do not need the big name receivers from the draft because Peyton will turn our late round WR selections into big name receievers! (well, atleast make them more productive than they would be anywhere else). We have a solid WR core right now with DT, Decker, Caldwell and Hill. By drafting one or two other wideouts in the late rounds and possibly acquiring Stokely for depth, we will be set.

The perfect scenario IMO would be for us to trade back to the 30's whether it is late first or early second and acquiring another 2nd round pick and a fourth or fifth. From there, I would draft Jerel Worthy, Doug Martin with our newly acquired pick, and Brandon Thompson if still available at 57.

Vote below for which prospect you would want to land most in the first round.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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