Was Josh McDaniels really that bad?

Many think Josh McDaniels was the worst thing to happen to the Denver Broncos. Many say his personnel moves were idiotic and ruined the Broncos. In this post you will see some of his major transactions as our head coach and general manager. You might think twice about hating Hoodie Jr.

D- Drafted, UDF- Undrafted Free Agent, S- Signed, RS- Re-Signed, T- Traded

Josh McDaniels


Matt Prater RS 2010

Britton Colquitt UDF 2009

Lonnie Paxton S 2009


Jabar Gaffney S 2009

Brandon Lloyd S 2009

Kyle Orton T 2009

Chris Kuper RS 2010

Demaryius Thomas D 2010

Tim Tebow D 2010

Zane Beadles D 2010

J.D. Walton D 2010

Eric Decker D 2010


Darrell Reid S 2009

Andra Davis S 2009

Brian Dawkins S 2009

Renaldo Hill S 2009

Andre Goodman S 2009

Robert Ayers D 2009

David Bruton D 2009

Tony Carter UDF 2009

Kyle McCarthy UDF 2010

Cassius Vaughn UDF 2010

Justin Bannan S 2010

Joe Mays T 2010

Perrish Cox D 2010

SydQuan Thompson D 2010

Elvis Dumervil RS 2010

Key Departures

Peyton Hillis T 2010

Brandon Marshall T 2010

Jay Cutler T 2009

Tony Scheffler T 2010

Bad Draft Picks

Knowshon Moreno D 2009

Richard Quinn D 2009

Alphonso Smith D 2009

Darcel McBath D 2009

The players listed above are additions by McDaniels that had a positive impact for at least one season. They may not all have ben starters or probowlers but they had a good impact on the team when they were here. The departures and bad picks were players who didn’t live up to their draft position or players that were starters or impact players that were traded. We all know by now that Brandon Marshall is crazy and was going to leave us anyways so that is not that bad of a trade. We at least got draft picks out of him. Jay Cutler we got a ton back for so… He did have a great 2011 before he got hurt but that wasn’t that bad of a trade. Tony Scheffler to me was never that good and not overly missed. Last but not least is Peyton Hillis. I loved this guy out of college and loved what he did for us. This was a terrible trade by McDaniels. By far the worst decision he made here in Denver. But we all know Hillis also didn’t have that great of a 2011 so that eases some of the hurt from this trade for Brady Quinn. There were obviously other transactions by McDaniel’s but these I believe were the major ones. From the looks of this Josh McDaniels did more good than bad in his transactions as our head coach and general manager at the time (Xanders has stated he had nothing to do with the McDaniels era). McDaniels has taken a lot of heat for being the worst thing to ever happen to the Broncos but he helped bring in guys who hopefully will be here helping Manning and his successor win multiple Super Bowls.

Between the four "bad departures" during the MCD era Marshall, Cutler, Hillis, and Scheffler have combined for 1 probowl, 0 superbowls, and 1 playoff appearance. Two of them are already on another team as well. Meanwhile Brandon Lloyd, Elvis Dumervil, and Brian Dawkins all made the probowl.

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