Ultra's Preliminary Mock Draft

As I see it as of today the number one need is at Defensive Tackle > Now for this draft Cox, Brocker's And Poe are no longer on the board. So at pick 25 I would really like to trade down into round two and get a D Tackle there . However looking at the board with New England and Greenbay may well go D Tackle in round one . Saint Louis and Indianapolis may go D Tackle to start off round two so I'm not comfortable that I can get a D Tackle that fits at # 57 .

RD. ! # 25 Jerel Worthy D Tackle Michigan State - Worthy gets of the snap better than any tackle in this class . He can collapse the pocket and be a disruptive force. CBS Sports currently have him at # 27 on their big board .

RD. 2 #57 Chris Polk Running Back Washington - Polk has been discussed here on MHR since the start of the draft season and I still like him and think he will fit with Willis McGahee very well . CBS Sports has him at # 60 as of now .

RD. 3 # 87 Brock Osweiler Quarter back Arizona - Elway takes his QB here instead of another D Tackle (Josh Chapman or Mike Martin ) . After watching Osweiler with Jon Gruden today I'm not so opposed to this as I was before.

RD. 4 # 108 Ryan Broyles Wide receiver Oklahoma -Broyles will be a perfect fit for Peyton Manning as a slot receiver . Broyles is the all time reception leader in the big 12 and one of his strengths is yards after the catch . Broyles is also gifted in the return game . If it were not for his knee injury he would be rated much higher but he is going to have a workout within the next couple of weeks as he was unable to perform at the combine . His stock has been on the rise and if he is still on the board at this pick it will be a steal .

RD 4 #120 Chase Minnefield Corner back Virginia - Minniefield is a corner that had a late first to second round grade at the end of the season . His stock has dropped due to his knee surgery ,he says he will be ready to start the season . With Champ and Porter and the other D Backs Minnefield can get healthy and work his way into the rotatation .

RD 5 # 137 TRADE- after EFX looks at what they have acquired and whats on the board they don't see anyone they think they have to have so they make a trade with the Jets again . with the # 137 th pick the Jets select Joe Adams WR. Arkansas . the Broncos receive the Jets 5th round #154 pick and round 6 pick#187 and round seven pick# 232 .

RD 5 # 154 Trade - Still no player that is a have too so they make a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles . Even with the line backers that they acquired in free agency Andy Reid still is not set at the position . With Tank Carder ,Audie Cole and Vontaze Burfict on the board the Eagles make the trade . with the 154th pick the Eagles select Vontaze Burfict they decide to roll the dice on this once first round talent . the Broncos receive picks round six # 194 and 200 and a seventh round pick in 2013 .

RD 6 # 187 Travis lewis outside line backer Oklahoma - Lewis will be insurance with the impending suspension of DJ Williams . Travis Lewis will be a good NFL linebacker and has been a fan favorite at Oklahoma he adds much needed depth .

RD 6 # 194 Nicolas Jean Baptiste Defensive Tackle Baylor - Baptiste is a big space eating D tackle with a very good bull rush that will plug the middle .

RD 6 # 200 Quinton Saulsberry Guard/Center Mississippi State - Saulsberry is a hard working center that also can play guard .He will add depth to the O Line .

RD 7 # 232 Olivier Vernon Defensive End University of Miami - Another D End to add depth and develop .

While these trades are unlikely they are an example of what I think they will do in the later rounds . I am sure there will be some who won't like this mock . However this is the way I see it as of today but could be different come draft day . Thanks for reading and I welcome your thoughts .

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