Space-time Continuum and Building Through the Draft

My fellow Broncos fans, I'm fed up with the way the team is going. We've been doing a lousy job of building through the draft - in fact this year's draft class in particular looks like it may never make much of an impact on the team. Yes, we have a core of experienced veterans, but these last few years have depleted the team of talent. We will only be a good team when we learn to emulate those successful teams out there like the Steelers.

Now we're bringing on a new quarterback - yes, he's had success in the past, but when has a veteran qb ever taken a team anywhere?

Maybe I'm sick of the mediocrity in which our team has wallowed for so long. Or maybe I'm cranky because I'm tired of the current unpopular Democratic president whose soft diplomacy in the middle east seems to be contributing to the rotten economy and high price of gas. At any rate, I'm fed up with the way the team is going, and I'm not going to let you pollyannas out there tell me we're about to go to a Super Bowl this year. Super Bowl? We'll be lucky to manage a season split with the Raiders!

The year? Why do you ask? It's 1977 of course!

So you mean to tell me you've come from 35 years in the future, just to tell me the Broncos have not changed a bit. Still relying on the "get a veteran qb" trick? Still focusing on just one side of the team? Huh. Well it figures. This team is never going anywhere. I bet we don't win more than half our games this year. No, don't tell me how it turns out! Space-time continuum and all that!

Well, have the Broncos gotten any better at building through the draft? Let's have a look at your 2012 roster, Mr. Future Man. Okay, I'm a draft nut, so I'm just going to look at the players that the team drafted, let's lay them out by number of years on the team:

5th to 9th year players:
1977 Broncos: Alzado / Jackson / Chavous / Grant / Howard / Odoms / Armstrong
2012 Broncos: Williams / Dumervil / Woodyard Kuper / Clady / Harris

Looks like your version of the team has not had much success building through the draft either - I'll bet you've got a bunch of veteran free agents to make up for it though. How do DJ Williams and Elvis Dumerville compare to Lyle Alzado, Tom Jackson, and Barney Chavous? I gotta say though, your O-line is looking pretty good by comparison so far.

4th year:
1977 Broncos: Gradishar / Minor
2012 Broncos: Ayers / Moreno

Well, I hope your Ayers makes more of an impact than this Gradishar guy, I'm starting to think he's a bust. He never gets any sacks, and none of the national media has anything good to say about him.

3rd year:
1977 Broncos: Carter / Foley / Wright / Upchurch
2012 Broncos: Thomas / Beadles / Walton / Decker / Vaughn

It's too soon to really judge the 1975 draft after only 2 years, but I'd give it about a B+ at this point. Pretty jealous though that you've been able to get good production out of 5 guys from your 2010 draft! Time will tell which draft makes the most impact on the team.

2nd year:
1977 Broncos: Glassic
2012 Broncos: Miller / Moore / Franklin / Irving

Well your 2011 draft class beats the heck out of our 1976 class. Maybe you'll have more success in 2012 than we'll have this year. No, don't tell me how it turns out!

By the way, how's this Manning guy stack up against Craig Morton?

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