What Do You Expect From Our Draftees ?

There have been several very good threads on the overall team we might be putting on the field, but I haven't seen threads specifically about our new Rookie Class and what you all are expecting from them...So, I'll start off with:

I'm expecting Wolfe to be a starter at DT. He has a non-stop motor and camped out in the opponents' backfield in College. I understand the players are bigger, faster & stronger at the NFL level but this guy is very hungry. He is a 3 tech penetrator who should pressure the QB and get in the backfield to disrupt running plays.

For the 1st time in a long while, the Broncos are fairly deep at the CB position and I expect to see Omar Bolden really pushing for a starting job as either a nickel or dime CB. The only secure starter right now is Champ with, Tracey Porter, Bolden, Chris Harris, Thompson and FA Drayton Florence competing for starting positions. If Bolden made starting CB opposite of Champ, that would certainly exceed my expectations...I also look for him to contribute on ST

Also on the DL there is Malik Jackson who can play the 3 or 5 tech...I look for him to be a rotational player . Del Rio wants to use multiple formations/fronts on the DL this year and there is probably a spot for Jackson somewhere in there given his versatility.

At LB is Danny Trevathan whose highlights show a high motor guy and a tackling machine...He led the SEC in tackles for 2 consecutive seasons. DJ Williams is facing a possible 6 game suspension and Trevathan may be competing with Woodyard for the WILL position and he may be on ST.

OLman Phillip Blake should push both Center JD Walton and Guard Zane Beadles for a starting position. He's a big boy who's been practicing mainly at the Center position.

RB Ronnie Hillman will see some playing time...He's quick and is a pretty good receiver coming out of the backfield. Right now, McGahee is the starting RB, but I expect to see plenty of Hillman later in the season to spell Willis.

2nd Rnd Pick Brock Osweiller will probably not play at all this year unless something happens to Manning and he moves up the depth chart. He was drafted as the QB of the future and there is no pressure on him to step in right away. I expect him to learn all he can from Manning from the film room to the practice field to game day. His job is to learn how to be an NFL QB and he has no better example than Manning.

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