Kneejerk Reaction Series: Rock and a Hard Place Edition

We’ve seen over the last few days, weeks, and months many posts/shots brought on simply by a kneejerk reaction about something happening in Denver. To add to this series of events I thought we might as well bring D.J. Williams release or trade into the mix. This thought to me is weird in its self since just the other day D.J. was nominated on this site for one of the best linebackers in Denver’s history but it might be time.

D.J. Williams in a view:

Genos Derwin "D.J." Williams, Jr. (born July 20, 1982 in Sacramento, California), more commonly known as D.J. Williams is an American football linebacker for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. He played college football at the University of Miami.

Williams was selected by the Denver Broncos in the first round (17th overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft. Williams has emerged as one of the league's top linebackers.


In his rookie year, he started 14 of 16 games and led the Broncos with 114 tackles (82 solo). He also recorded two sacks, one interception and one forced fumble. Although an early candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year, the award went to then-New York Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma.


Williams was moved from his weak-side linebacker position to strong-side linebacker following the Broncos signing of Ian Gold. He finished with 55 tackles (39 solo) while adding three pass deflections and one forced fumble. Williams also contributed two tackles and a forced fumble on special teams.

He pleaded guilty in September 2005 to driving drunk and was ordered to perform 24 hours of community service.


In the 2006 season, he amassed 76 tackles (59 solo), a sack, one forced fumble, two pass deflections.


Following the injury-related release of Al Wilson, Williams was moved to his third position, middle linebacker. He finished the 2007 season 2nd in the NFL with 141 tackles (106 solo) along with one sack and one interception.


2009 brought change to the Broncos defense when former Patriots offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels was hired as head coach. McDaniels hired former 49ers head coach and defensive guru Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator. Nolan installed the 3-4 defense, in which he moved D.J. Williams to inside linebacker (ILB). Playing the "Jack" ILB position (same as Patrick Willis - 49ers), Williams finished the season with 122 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles.

On November 12, 2010, Williams was pulled over by a Police officer for driving without headlights on. He was cited for DUI, a misdemeanor and driving without headlights. As this was his second DUI charge, Williams faces a mandatory 10-day jail sentence and a minimum of two years probation if he is convicted - he was ordered to appear in court on December 13.

As a result of the arrest, the Denver Broncos fined Williams and demoted him from Defensive Co-Captain. It was also announced that he would not start the Week 10 match-up against AFC West rivals the Kansas City Chiefs. By the end of the season, Williams finished with 119 tackles (94 solo), 5.5 sacks, 9 pass deflections and 1 forced fumble.


In March 2012 Williams was suspended for six games after failing a drugs test.

D.J. is one of the most versatile linebackers in the league. He is able to play all three key linebacker roles, plus is a three down player. That makes him even more valuable to his team.

D.J. has had some recent events that should/could lead to a release, maybe even warranted by him who knows. It seems to me that football isn’t his highest priority right now. We all have our demons and we all wear them, hide them, and try and forget them but when thrown into the spotlight that light always shines brighter.

D.J. is one of the most productive players currently on the Defensive roster. Now by the looks of things the F.O. is building to move on so my question is would you? Now before you type, comment, or even begin to respond think about it.

Don’t tell me that him showing a screen shot on an IPad of a play that is seen on almost every football gaming system known to man is worth a departure either. If it is then Madden should be banned by the NFL.

His DUI's are adding up. This seems to be his biggest demon and I hope/pray he can get past these before they take his life or anothers. It's hard for me to type this but keep in mind that DUI’s we have all been there with him, just some get caught. Would you fire yourself if you got caught doing something that I would bet 90% of the population has done before. DUI’s are not to be taken lightly so don’t think I’m ok with it just saying we’ve all been there. Maybe he needs help that he isn't getting. These might be more a cry for help and less stupidity that we thought. I have to hope so.

The failed drug test is something that we don’t really know what is going on. If my memory serves me correct the guy that administered the test has been released for tampering, and other players failed test taken from this person-so that might be something that adds to your thought process. So give D.J. the benefit of the doubt on this one until proven guilty.

D.J. also seems to be loved by his teammates. Almost all of them came to his defense after his tweet. So the cancer theorist may not be correct. If D.J. was a cancer in the clubhouse, why defend him?

So what would you do? Trade, Release, or Keep?

D.J. is under contract until 2014. He will make base salary 2012-5 million and 2013 base 6 million. With that in mind ….you fill in the rest.


and has always


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