Kaption Kontest: The Happy Birthday John Elway Edition!!!

Hey folks, before getting down to the nitty gritty I changed the C's in the title to K's as a nod and homage to Kaptain Kirk. Kaptain, thank you for everything you do here at MHR! If you're not cool with the title just let me know and I'll change it.

Today is the Duke's birthday. John Elway has been the face of Broncos football for many years. We all have our own personal favorites of his games and plays. My favorite game and one of the earliest I have a recollection of is the comeback victory against the Houston Oilers in the 1991 (I think?) playoffs----if I'm wrong forgive me I was 7 at the time;) I'll never forget him converting 2 fourth and longs to put Treadwell in position to kick the game winning field goal.

As far as plays, this is a bit more difficult. I haven't been able to find a highlight of it so you'll just have to trust me. It was mid 90's I think and at home against the Chiefs. Elway avoids pressure, scrambles to the right, throws an absolute bomb no less then 70 yards down the field across his body to Vance Johnson for a TD. What arm strength and elusiveness!!!

Anyway, here are a few quick career numbers and accomplishments:

Regular Season (148-82-1)

4123--7250, 51475 YDS (7.1 Y/A), 300 TD, 226 INT.....774 rushes, 3407 YDS (4.4), 33 TD

Post Season (14-8, 2-3 SB)

355---651, 4964 YDS (7.6 Y/A), 27 TD, 21 INT.....94 rushes, 461 YDS (4.9), 6 TD


NFL MVP (1987)

Super Bowl MVP (Super Bowl 33)

9 Pro Bowls

Only player in NFL history with 50,000 passing yards, 3,000 rushing yards

35 4th Q comebacks, 46 game winning drives (pro football reference)

College Football Hall of Fame (2000)

Pro Football Hall of Fame (2004)

A huge Mile High Salute #7, thank you for all the great years and memories!!!

My buddy Sadaraine came back and won the last kaption kontest in Elwayesque fashion, see the picture and caption here.

Sadaraine, here is a reward worthy of a comeback!


Now onto the photo for this Kontest:


The rules are simple, write as many kaptions as you want. Rec the ones you like, the one with the most recs win! Adult humor is welcomed but don't go overboard---happy kappy my friends happy kappy!!!

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