CJ2K - Too Much Me For the Money

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans is stopped by the Denver Broncos defense at LP Field on September 25, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee won 17-14. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Thanks to the new CBA signed last August, there is a dead spot during the offseason where nothing is going on. As we wait news on our Denver Broncos for word of the remaining draft pick signings and updates from OTA's and Mini Camps, there is little worth discussing. Bountygate anyone?

Well we could discuss the stupidity of Justin Blackmon, who decided to start celebrating before he even has a contract, but I would rather talk about the validity of Titans Running Back Chris Johnson's statement about being the best back in the NFL.

It's one thing when a player has an outstanding season and CJ certainly provided that in 2009 when he rushed for 2,006 yards. Only five others have accomplished this feat, so yes, that is some elite company. His production dropped to 1,364 yards in 2010 and Johnson had the audacity to whine about not making enough money. The Titans obliged him to the tune of a 6-year, $55.26M contract with $30M of it fully guaranteed and he responded with the lowest output of his 4-year career (1,047 yds). This is typical for a selfish player with an ego problem. Get the big pay day and then hit the beach instead of the weight room.

Now I don't really care how much money Tennessee owner Bud Adams wishes to spend. He seems like a frivolous man anyway. Nor am I concerned with the goings on in Titanville, but as a paying customer to the NFL coffers, I believe it gives me the right to complain back at the ridiculous thoughts of people in the entertainment industry.

I am certainly glad that CJ is not playing for the Broncos and as far as I'm concerned, he is at best a second rate fantasy Football option. I just get tired of players with self-entitlement issues. There is no "I" in team and any player who thinks, "sure but there is a "Me" in team" just doesn't belong in a team sport.

It remains to be seen if Chris Johnson actually IS the best back in the NFL, but in my mind, one good season out of four does not do it for me. The Titans have been to the playoffs one time since CJ was drafted, losing to the Steelers 13-7 in his rookie year. So what exactly has he done?

The Titans and Broncos have met twice during Johnson's career. He ran for a whopping 53 yards in Week 4 of 2010 against the 32nd ranked Defense. He followed that up with a stellar 21 yards rushing in Week 3 last season against the 20th ranked Defense. Can you say Overrated?

Shut up and run CJ. There is too much "you" for the money you are making.

Go Broncos!

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