Denver Broncos Training Camp 2012: Who Should The Broncos Back-Up QB Be?

July 28, 2012; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) warms up before the start of training camp at the Broncos training facility. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

Dang this is so exciting isn't it guys??

The 2012 season for me is underway with training camp is days into it. There has been a lot of good things heard so far, but that seems to be every training camp. That is why training camp is so exciting though for the Broncos and all other 31 teams. Last season is forgotten momentarily as every team has a positive outlook on why there team will be a good team this season.

It seems like a lot of the questions being answered about Peyton Manning are being answered about how his arm looks. The tip-top accuracy seems to be zipping around the field and Manning seems to be in sync with at least Eric Decker.

We should hope that we do not have to worry about this but we have heard from John Fox about how Manning is QB1 and the other 3 are QB2a, b and c. Competition is wonderful and I am looking forward to watching our backup QBs battle it out for the right to back up Peyton Manning.


Adam Weber was signed last year as a college free agent out of Minnesota. Weber did not see much action last pre-season except in the last game where he started in the shadows of his own goalposts and after a big play almost got a touchdown. So far, Weber has been alright by the sounds of it. He has thrown some touchdowns but lacked consistency. He could be the choice because being with the team a year longer than any of the other two QBs but with no NFL experience, it could hurt his case.


Caleb Hanie was signed by the Broncos this off-season as the Broncos apparent back-up to Manning until the draft. Hanie was the back-up to former Bronco Jay Cutler last season in Chicago and the Broncos faced Hanie last season and almost beat the Broncos with a mediocre performance until an unexplainable comeback victory. Hanie so far has been what sounds like the most disappointing QB. He has had several passes batted down and passes have been inaccurate looking like he has no confidence. Hanie came in with the back-up job on the depth chart and the reason the job could be his is because of the NFL experience he has being the only backup QB who has played in the NFL before.


Brock Osweiler was drafted in the second round by the Broncos in the 2012 draft. He stands tall at 6'8 and the biggest knock against him is his throwing motion (sound like any QB we have had?). Osweiler also has the strongest arm of the three but is raw still having the learn the classroom aspect of the game. His throwing motion has improved and will have plenty of time to work on it assuming Manning does not go down. The job could be his if he performs well in the pre-season games. The Broncos may not want to rush him in though as he is the "QB of the future."

Who do you think should be the back-up QB so far?

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