"I Love My New Toys"

A 13 year old boy arrived home one day to find the front yard full of fire trucks and his home a smoldering ruin. Everything he had was gone, including his play room full of all his favorite toys. He was very sad, and frustrated about the fact that he couldn't play with them like he always did every day.

His parents, being the wonderful wealthy internet marketers that they were, assured him that all would be well, and that they would rebuild, but for the time being, they just had to make due with living in temporary housing for a while.

As the year passed, his parents realized how frustrated he was that he couldn't play with his old toys, and since their jobs allowed them to work anywhere in the world they decided to surprise him. They decided that they would move to any city that the boy wanted to live in.

When they broke the news to him, it was bitter sweet. He was excited about the fact that he would be seeing new things but he was saddened by the fact that he would be leaving all the friends he'd had his entire life. After many tearful goodbye's the stage was set.

He knew that it was for the best, and just the fact that his parents had already sold the land that the new house was being built on told him that the decision was final. He had to move, but he was excited about the fact that he got to choose where.

His parents said that they had five plane tickets to five different cities, and off they went to the first one. The first thing they did upon arriving was they took him to the house they would be living in. He immediately raced to his toy room and opened the door. Although the rest of the house was empty, much to his amazement his room was already stocked with new toys.

He really didn't want to leave the first house, but his parents had said that he had to look at every one of them before making his decision. So, back to the airport and on to the next town they went. Town after town, and in every city it was the same. His toy room was already full of toys.

Something happened in the city of Denver Colorado that changed everything. When he got to that town, and opened the door to the toy room, he couldn't believe his eyes! Not only did he love the selection, but he couldn't believe how well they were all organized!

It appeared at first glance that he would hardly have to rearrange much of anything at all, and Mr. Fox, the butler, assured him that he and Mr Elway, the chauffeur, would be happy to go shopping for the toys that he was missing!

Almost all of the staff at his new home in Denver were already in place, and made him feel right at home, and the new head of security, Mr. Del Rio, assured him that life in his new home would be safe and secure, and that he was installing a new & improved home defense system to protect his turf.

His parents had thought of everything, including a new exercising facility with it's own new coaching staff, to make sure he stayed healthy and fit. Everything about this new town was great, and he told his parents that he wanted to stay.

When his parents left to complete the details for the move, he refused to leave saying, "I'll just stay right here, and get to know a few of my new toys, if you don't mind!" Of course that was just fine with them, knowing that the staff that they had chosen would take good care of him!

Now Peyton got busy right away playing with Decker, who I think is going to be one of his favorite new toys, and even Champ Bailey is already one of his favorites when he decides that he wants to play a little chess. The list of favorites is getting bigger every day!

During OTA's it grew a lot, but now that TC has started it has grown with leaps and bounds. Just look at some of the catches being made by Decker, Thomas, Caldwell, Willis & Tamme, to mention a few, and to have that daily chess match against Bailey, Porter, Florence, Carter, Adams, Syd'Quan, Bolden, & others must be a riot for him. Being able to throw some moves into the mix with McGahee, Hillman, Fannin, & Gronkowski, has to keep it interesting!

Even the challenges brought on by guys like the VonDoomWolfeGang, Woodyard, Mays, Irving, & that new kid Trevathan, makes him appreciate the enforcers like Clady, Kuper, Franklin, Harris, Beadles, & that new guy Blake. Peyton is having the most fun he's had since who knows when.

That 13 year old kid had a rough 14th year, but it wasn't that he didn't want to play, he just couldn't due to circumstances beyond his control. Now I am just hoping that he doesn't outgrow his toys anytime to soon and decides to discard them.

I'm hoping that he defies all the odds and continues to play with them, in his new Denver home, until he turns 21. Only then will he be old enough to go sit at the local sports bar and toast his record breaking career!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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