FanPost My Top Ten.

Recently I mentioned on DE_BroncoFan's Denver's Decade of Dichotomous Defense one of our transactions, which was actually a subtraction, as one of my favorite off season moves made by the Broncos this year. I got the idea to add 9 more and make it a top ten list. My hope is that it will inspire many more of you to list yours as well in the comments. Jump.

1. Duh, PFM, of course. I know I stated many times on here how much I will miss and am saddened that TT is now gone, but come on man, get real. Thanks though TT for a really fun year last year and GB.

2. Goodman getting the boot. Sorry if you're a fan of his, but he got burned a lot last year. Even if we had just kept Cox to replace him would have been alright to me (which I was not for either). Anybody instead of him. What helped push the move to #2 though was the signing of Porter for one year. I know he will probably be gone after this year, but for now (with Florence also coming in) we are looking great at CB.

3. Del Rio. I thought it was bad news when the Raiders stole Allen away. Now, not so much.

4. A new strength and conditioning coach. I have read lots of great stuff on Richesson. We needed this move when McD came. Better late than never.

5. The acquisition of a solid FA replacement of Dawkins. IDK much about Mike Adams, but we needed a veteran. Thanks for coming to Denver Weapon X. I hope you stick around as a possible assistant coach.

6. Signed a pair of darn good TEs in Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen. The two young guys have hope, but right now it may just be a lot of hope. We as fanatics are blinded sometimes by potential. Manning will use his new TEs alot. Many on here seem to think Decker and Thomas are bound for greatness (100 catches each), I think Tamme and Dreessen will have a say in that.

7. This one should probably be #1. The lack bad news concerning the Broncos. No shootings, stabbings, stalking, wife/girlfriend beating, as far as I know. Just DumbJ and Morono with their OWIs.

8. Drafting of a DT. Many of them have been mentioned in the last few years. FINALLY.

9. Prater re-signed. I know he wasn't going anywhere this year anyway, but still.

10. Phillip Blake. More the decision to replace Hochstein. With rosters at 53, a team needs multipurpose OL. Hoch was good for one game in Kupe's absence. He was getting rather old to re-up though. Big improvement drafting Blake, who may already push Beadles or Walton for a starting job.

As you can see re-signing Mays is not on my list. I was hoping Irving was ready. Guess not. Mays is pretty good. Not sure about that kind of money to him though.

There is MY list. Show me yours.

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