Preseason Broncos vs Bears the No Bull Review

Broncos football is back! Let's start with this: How friggin cool was it to see our offense throwing the ball quickly and precisely down the field? The drive I'm most concerned with didn't end well, but at least we saw a glimpse of what will come.

No major injuries occurred and we even get the empty joy of winning a preseason game. Just a heads up for everyone: I no longer have a DVR so my reviews will be based off what I saw without rewind ability. This certainly will cause the detail of these to suffer at some level, but given that I do these for the sake of good discussion I'm sure you guys will set me straight on what I miss.

For those of you who haven't read my reviews before I don't review these to cheer on my favorite guys. I call it like I see it and though I bleed Orange and Blue I don't doll things up for our players. I don't go read a bunch of articles or anything like that before I write these, so the info you see here is what I got from watching the game. The big reason I like to do this is to give us discussion points for the game so we can all learn more and enjoy our team at a higher level than just "Wow we threw for 300yards, Yay!" Let the beatings begin!


  • Petyon looked pretty darn good on the first drive but make no mistake: That INT was squarely his fault. He needed to throw it a little higher and farther out in front so the defender didn't have a chance to tip it. I think he'll see that on tape when he looks at it.
  • The 1st team skill guys (WR, TE, RB) kinda let Manning down a couple of times...the ball was on the money and was dropped. That's a trend to watch for as we get into the meat of the preseason.
  • Where was DT? Fill me in cause I don't remember hearing that he wouldn't be playing. (Insert sarcasm)
  • Decker looked great giving Manning good looks to keep the chains moving. That 3rd and 17 play was cash in the bank.
  • McGahee didn't look great, but given the few carries and what the line did in front of him I don't fault him. When they made a hole for him he got 11.
  • I want to see a lot more of our 1st string O-line next week. They didn't look great this week and I'm more concerned about the run blocking than the pass blocking.
  • Hanie looked like Hanie to me...which is to say incompetent. I thought he took too long to make reads most of the time and his accuracy left much to be desired. He had a play-action pass that was the perfect call at the perfect time and he blew it. That was a TD dropped in our lap and all he had to do was get the ball in a catchable vicinity for the WR.
  • Moreno didn't look great either though in my opinion they are using him wrong. He needs to be doing screens and outside runs. He just isn't an inside runner...I will say he had one rush up the middle where he showed power and got some extra yards...but if he doesn't have a hole he doesn't have a chance to make anything on his own.
  • I liked Willis on Kickoff returns and he looked really good with the 2nd unit. I'm a big fan so keep it up dude!
  • Our backup O-line doesn't instill confidence, but 1st game in the preseason I'm trying not to judge...the D-line usually has the advantage in the trenches during these games.
  • Omon looked very good. I'd like to see what he can do against 1st string defenses. It isn't worth going on and on about a guy when he looks good in the 2nd half of the opening preseason game.
  • Props to Ball: He ran that TD in with authority. I still think we can do better, but as long as he is our number 3 or 4 RB I don't blow a gasket over him making the team.
  • Osweiller looked pretty darn good for a rookie. I really think if he stays focused on learning and gets to soak up stuff for a few years he could end up being a great pick for us. His reads weren't molasses slow which is a big deal to me for a rookie.
  • Weber looked completely inconsistent. He'd make a great play followed by a flub pass. I can see why he hasn't climbed higher. I really wanted him to beat out Hanie but I doubt that will happen based on what I saw this weak.
  • Ingram looks like he is worth keeping an eye on...he played better than our TE by a landslide (granted our 1st string only played a series)
  • Really overall I thought in every phase of the game our defense was swarming to the ball. I didn't see guys playing off much at all because they were out of position. That is what we want to see going into the season.
  • Dumervile: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over? Dude...what's with the penalties. Shake that off man. You've been in the league for too many years to be drawing flags like that...even in the preseason.
  • Wolfe looked really solid to me. Just the fact that he showed up on several plays is encouraging.
  • I don't expect them to bring Miller much in the preseason...we need to evaluate our line and we know he's a beast.
  • I think it was Porter who made a superb tackle of a RB on an outside run...wrapped him up low and brought him down like a boss. I thought it was Champ until I remembered that at that point in the game Champ would be sitting. I sure love seeing CBs who can tackle and aren't afraid of it (see Cromartie for an example of CBs I don't love).
  • Beal showed up with the scrubs. Good to see him grinding out a couple of sacks. This is another case of "I'd like to see him against the 1st string"
  • Some of our backup LBs looked pretty solid. Irving, Mohammed, and Trevathan in particular. They showed speed, smarts, and tackling ability. One thing I thought we've lacked in the past couple years was depth at LB. Hopefully these young guys keep making plays.
  • I seriously LOL @ Ayers after his sack. It was Nate Webster reincarnated. Hey Ayers: Newsflash! This is a preseason game and you were playing against the other team's scrubs. And you prance like a girl. Let us know when they drop son.
  • We didn't see much of Mays, but I liked what I saw for a few plays. He's gotten leaner and faster for sure. I was very worried about our MLB spot, but he's getting me encouraged.
  • Squid looked pretty poor to me which is discouraging. He didn't look that bad last year. Hopefully he steps it up in the next couple games.
Special Teams:
  • I didn't see much worth fretting over here. We mostly blocked well on returns and our kickers looked solid.
  • I guarantee you Prater was told to kick a bunch of them short. No way does he kick that short in the regular season.
You know what to do folks...hit dat comment section.

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