Roster thoughts after rewatching preseason opener

Doubts, doubts, doubts, doubts:

The front office clearly sees that the safeties and linebackers are questionable given recent moves. Now add tight end 'cause Virge keeps shooting himself in the foot and Thomas probably already washed out in camp.
TE: Ingraham can back up Dreesen, but who is Tamme's understudy?
S: If either of Adams/Carter plus Moore are the starting safeties thenthat's going to be a weakness. Carter may be a small upgrade over Adams. Safeties who I see for sure on the roster are Bruton and Bush by virtue of ST play.
LB: You don't know if we have an adequate startes or backup MLB. Did you see Vontaze Burfict flash speed and abandon against the Jets? Did we blow that one?
OL: There is word of a shakeup at LG, RG and RDE in the lame stream media this morning and that is not encouraging. One can only hope Harris has something left because he has been invisible. Someone better start stepping up, cause you don't want the likes of Clark on the roster if you can avoid it.

Indubitably good units::

DL: When they lined up Ayers, Dumerville, Warren, Vick and Hunter in their 5-2 look for the Bear's first couple of possessions, that was fearsome except for Hunter. Warren and Vickerson were pushing Garza and Spencer around like chumps. I haven't been used to seeing that at all from Broncos tackles. Won't be missing Bunk much. Query Warren's stamina but that's about all. I think Hunter is just a placeholder for 'til Wolfe earns Jack's trust. Ayers may be fungible with Hunter, or even Beal or Malik. I see him getting shopped and hope Allen or Bellicheck go for the bait. I think they'll keep one of the giants, perhaps Silga.
Gotta love the starters at QB, CB, RB and WR and be pretty content with the backups and the depth there too. No worries other than health for these units.

Not sold:

FB: In camp or the 1st preseason game Gronkowsli shows nothing but mediocrity as a running back, pass protector or lead blocker - no outstanding talents in any area. At least Sylvester made a textbook lead block on Ball/s TD and looks okay as a ST guy. That may be worth keeping.

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