First Impressions: OMG Can It Be True? DL and Depth?

First, before I begin my ranting and raving I absolutely HAVE to thank the following for making this site so dad blamed addicting.

Kaptain Kirk for his never ending, mind bending display of this years Denver Broncos Training Camp. Kap, "Live long and prosper" my friend. For the first time in years I got to see a pre-season game and your reporting had me looking for "those" guys you mention a lot.

Nick Cast for his Studs and Duds. Dude, you are better than every Monday morning column I have ever read when it comes to your evaluations. I have lived in 6 states so far and rather than look at the morning paper anymore, I come here every Monday and you're a big reason.

John Bena - I miss my MHR Radio. First I was so far out in the boonies I didn't have a good enough connection. I moved here to NM in January of last year, got a good connection in midseason and can't wait.

Is it me or is Nate Irvin's LB play reminding you of Rulon Jones the old DE? By that I mean the old adage of being a guy who doesn't show it in practice, but put him on the field during a game and watch a war begin. I'm sure Elway and Fox remember what Rulon could do in a game. John, I think we got us a football player here.

I'm pretty sure that Wayne Nunnely has gotten more than one "Thank You" but I would love to send another one to him. Those DLinemen left over from last year, with the added weight, still have the footwork of their lighter year. As an old DL myself I was watching to see if the added weight would slow them down a bit coming out of the stance, maybe effect their first step. Having a Nunnely disciple running the show now helps continue the work and this new strength and conditioning concept also has to take a bow. I know I'll be repeating myself, but these guys can move.

Now I know this is Chicago and their OL stinks pretty bad, but they do supposedly have some athletes on their Line. Okay, enough of that because I saw what I saw. I DVR'd it so I could see what I saw again. What I saw was a DLine just jump all over an overmatched OL. Not by power so much as quickness, movement and just good old motor.

I saw Derek Wolf just beat the OL guy to where he had the instep and total control over and over. Jeremy Beal just jumped on his Harley and told the OT "see ya" as he went by and around. On one play I think he made the OT sick with the ease he faked out and came in under the poor OT for a sack. That Silaga(?) guy is a wall unto himself. Holy Man Mountain Mike, Batman. Did anybody on Chicago's OL move him against his will? Gotta keep him because this guy is going to develop into something good.

The biggest fear I had was if this defense, especially the DL could stand up to the Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New England physical beatdowns and size matchups. Did they have the depth and size to withstand not only that but the wear and tear of a full season? It would appear that maybe the case. Right now that fear has been calmed some because I saw that depth and with guys like Vick, Bannan, Warren, Unrein and this Silaga guy in the middle there is size. Yessir, there is a bit of size on that field and that size looks like it moves real good.

Ya know, the Giants have shown twice now that if you just happen to get hot at the right time.......

Tom Brady is very ineffective when being rushed by DLinemen, as the Giants have proven.

Since Julius Thomas is probably going to lose out in the TE battle (gotta love me some Ingram), here is a thought. Move him to LB. Use his speed and athleticism much like Josh Barrett was used to frustrate Tony Gonzales, but for Gronkowski, Hernandez, Jimmy Graham and other like that. Just a thought and it might be worth a shot if Thomas can be a Special Teams demon while learning.

Pass me some more Kool-Aid, please.

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