Reasonable Doubt.... More Evidence Please...

It seems like players flash every year in preseason. I made a post on it, but this is a plea to the Powers That Be in Dove Valley. START SOME RESERVES! Please let me see these players against quality NFL STARTERS! After the jump...

There seems to be a concensus of thought among MHR posters, about who stood out in game 1 of the preseason. I was impressed quite a bit, but my enthusiasm was tempered when i remembered the starters usually play 1 or 2 possessions then don ballcaps. So the bulk of what i watched was below NFL starter level.

That being said, it's good to stand out against the reserves. but I need undisputable and irrefutable evidence, which can only come against quality starters.

1. Xavier Omon. he's 27, so he's been in some camps. He shuffled his feet in the backfield and got away with it a couple times, which i don't think happens against starters, but I liked his downhill running style. He seems perfect for our old one-cut system, but I would like to see him smack some good defenders and hold on to the ball. We need a bruiser besides McGahee. 2 hammers and 2 nail guns.. (McGahee/Omon & Hillman/ Moreno or Johnson over Ball.

2. Jerimiah Johnson. Can he be as effective as Moreno? They both have an injury history, but Moreno is a more proven skillset. I love Moreno, but he is mis-used by the Broncos. Peyton should bring out his best qualities. But back to Johnson, I gotta see him pick up some blitzes and catch and run against 1's before i'll be comfortable letting Moreno go.

Alternate these 2 backs for at least 2 series each and rest McGahee til game 3.

3. Jeremy Beal. I don't expcet huge sack #'s from our reserve ends, but I'd like to see a consistent assortment of pass rush moves from Beal instead of a repeating of a single move. Jumpy Geathers is the only player who comes to mind who was successful rushing the passer with a sigle power move.

4. Sealver Sigla. Saw him double teamed a few times and he was able to hold his ground. Can he push and penetrate like Vick did with single blocking? it's good to have a goaline/shotr yardage rock that can clog the middle. Is Sigla that guy?

5. Josh Moore. No corner breaks up every pass or never gets beaten. He looks better than what Goodman did, and most of our secondary does, but he seems like he has Moore upside than Squid.

Start Moore and Bolden and see who gets picked on the most. Do we really need to see Champ a bunch in Preseason?

6. Cornelius Ingram. Block and catch against the 1's like you did against reserves, and your the new heir apparent to Tamme/Dressen. Julius who?

7. Brock Osweiler and Adam Webber. Enough already with Haine. Let me see if either of those boys can swim.

Caleb Haine is on my Lance Ball list. I'd rather play against you than with you... Same for the back-up O line...

8. Ryan Harris. Is your Back healthy enough to push Franklin to guard? Show me agaist some 1's.

9. Nate Irving. Could he be the darkhorse to fill in for DJ? I know he's behind Miller, but i'd like to see him fight Woodyard and Trevethan for that WLB spot.

I'm intrigued by a bunch of our depth too, but I don't see long term starting potential like i do with the group above. Wolfe will start at some point this season or be rotated in heavily.

Am I nuts? Or just Bigstupid? Kudos Elway for garnering so much good talent and depth so quickly... BTW hows your arm? Moyer made the Rockies... Maybe you can help them out with a quick turnaround too LOL!

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