A New NFL Map

I took a stab at reorganizing the NFL into divisions based on a common sense approach that takes geographic location and natural rivalry into account. Jump below to see what you think.


NFC West

1. Oakland

2. San Francisco

3. San Diego

4. Seattle

NFC South

1. Houston

2. Dallas

3. New Orleans

4. Tennessee

NFC North (unchanged)

1. Green Bay

2. Chicago

3. Minnesota

4. Detroit

NFC East

1. Philadelphia

2. Baltimore

3. Washington

4. Carolina Panthers

What I like about the new NFC: Putting Baltimore in between Phily and the Redskins. That should create awesome rivalries. Left the NFC North untouched. Put the two Texas teams together (natural rivalry). Also like the potential of a Dallas v. NO and Houston vs. New Orleans battle. Made sure the old Oilers play the new Oilers (Texans). Like that all four west coast teams sit in cities along the Pacific Ocean. Love the idea of San Fran vs. Oakland annually. A fine wine vs Meth pairing.

What I don't like about the new NFC: Not much. The Panthers might feel a little out of place, but they are not all that far from DC or Baltimore. They are a young team so they "get nothing an like it". We and KC lose the rivalry with Oakland. I’ll easily learn to hate Arizona and St Louis, which brings me to the AFC.


AFC Mid-West

1. Arizona

2. Denver

3. Kansas City

4. St. Louis

AFC South

1. Miami

2. Tampa Bay

3. Jacksonville

4. Atlanta

AFC North

1. Indianapolis

2. Cincinnati

3. Cleveland

4. Pittsburgh

AFC East

1. NY Giants

2. NY Jets

3. New England

4. Buffalo

What I like: I like my new AFC better than the new NFC. Love the KC vs St Louis match-up. Also like the Denver vs Arizona match-up. Love replacing Baltimore with Indy in the AFC North. That switch made so much sense. True Rust Belt feel to this division. Gets Indy out of the AFC South. Love the battle of Florida in the AFC South and like that Atlanta can develop a rivalry with Jacksonville. Like the Georgia vs Florida rivalry in the SEC. This conference will develop an SEC feel in short order. Love the AFC East the most. Bounce Miami and replace them with the Giants! Giants vs Jets every year? Of course! Giants vs New England every year? Of course! Notice I've also made travel shorter and easier for teams and fans in most cases. No more Dallas in the NFC East. No more Indy in the AFC South. No more Miami vs a bunch of teams in the Northeast. No more St Louis in a West coast division.

What I don’t like about the new AFC: Losing the rivalry with Oakland. I’ll miss San Diego about as much as Seattle (i.e. not much). Don’t like how the AFC Mid-West is still in three-ish time zones. AZ doesn’t recognize day light savings. Love the other three divisions as revised.

Switched to NFC:


San Diego




Switched to AFC:


St. Louis



NY Giants


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