2012 Denver Broncos Preview

Here How I Will do this I Will Break down with the help Of Out lands

the 53 man roster and then will project W/L

QB P Manning B Osweiler

RB/FB McGahee Hillman Ball FB Gronkowski

WR Thomas Decker Caldwell Willis or Hill And Stokly

TE Tamme Dreeessen Green or Thomas

T Clady Franklin Grant or Harris G Beadles Ramirez Kuper Will miss 4-6 Weeks Hillis?

C Walton Maybe Davis

DE Doom Ayers Hunter ? Will be out for a while Wolfe DE or DT

DT Warren Vickerson Bannen

LOLB V Miller N Irving?

MLB Mays Mohamed

ROLB D J Williams will miss the first 6 games Woodward Trevathan?

CB Champ Porter Bolden Florence Thompson

S Moore Adams Carter Bush? Leonard?

K Parter P Colquitt LS Paxton I Left about 5 10 Spots open for debate

W/L Projections

W 1 Pitt - W Because No Mike Wallace Or a Rusty M Wallace will make a big Diff Unless Ben Thows for 300 Plus and no picks I like Den 24-20

W 2 @ ATL L A True 50-50 Game IF this game was at Den I Would like Den by 2 TD'S But Atl Plays Deadly at Home I Like ATL 34-31

W 3 - HOU W Houston is a super bowl Type of Team But Manning Knows Them Well If We Allow over 21 We lose But i think Ball control will slow down Houston 21- 17 DEN

W 4 Oak - W I expect Oakland to keep it close for a Haif But I think Manning Has A BIG Day Throwing for 400 Yards and 4 TD'S 41-13 Den

W 5 @ NE W shh The NFL Does Not Want U to Know This But Goodell and CBS Wants A Jan 20 Rematch between these 2 Teams if we Hit Brady Force Turnovers We can WIN but If Brady Is Hot We Lose but i Say that the D Is pissed for L Y and Denver Wins 30-24

W 6 @ SD L Well at 4-1 we are in 1st Place But a old Buddy Kills us this Week E Royal we hold rivers to 10 Points But Eddie has a KR and PR Against us and we lose 24-17

W 8 NO W this will be a shootout as both teams have 2 L No Scores 28 1st Haif Points but then the D Tighten up as Den wins 38-28

W 9 @ Ciny L a 50-50 Game as well a low scoring game but ciny in a dogfight with Pitt and Balt wants it more 17-14 CINY

W 10 W @ Car Cam Newton is 1 of my fav players to watch he will make a few big plays but Will throw some picks too Manning wins it with 43 sec with a TD Pass to stockley 27-21 Den

W 11 SD - W

Both teams are 6-3 with SD Holding the tiebreak but after 14 1st q points for SD The D Gets it and holds SD to 2 FG as Den Wins 31-20
W 12 @ KC W the KC are a good team 6-4 going into the game but Manning throws 2 4TH Q TD'S As Den wins 23-16

W 13 TB - W TB is 3-8 coming in to today's game and den is 8-3 Laughter right wrong TB keeps the Game Close until the END when Manning throws the only TD' of the game to Thomas Den wins 19-9

W 14 @ Oak L Den at 9-3 has a 2 game lead on SD Oakland is 2-10 well D-Mac is Back from Missing 7 Games with a knee Oakland beats Denver Because of the NFL NETWORK cruse where Home teams Win 90 Percent of the time on NFL Network 24-17 OAK

W 15 @ Balt W

Both Teams are 9-4 but Denver is Pissed as Manning picks apart Balt cb/s as Den wins 27-24

W 16 Cle W Den can win the AFC West with a WIN against Cle or KC and With T Richardson out so is Cle Changes Brock O Gets some snaps as Den wins 31-3

W 17 KC - W DENVER with a win can lock up homefield cause 1 DEN 11-4 2 NE 11-4 3HOU/PITT 10-5 Each KC Is 7-8 They did not recover from week 12 well is comes out to 2 Min Denver ball at their 25-yard line down 12-10 Manning goes 8-9 which sets up a 35 yard field goal for prater Bang is good 13-12 DEN

Playoffs Div round SD which was the 6 Seed who beat HOU IN ROUND 1

a Good back and forth game With Manning throw to Decker for a 24 yard TD Pass With 54 Sec left to win 31-24 AFC Champ game at Denver NE 1 of the best games ever played NE Up by 3 with 2 min Left goes for it Because they know what manning can do its 30-27 NE NE From their own 32 yard line with 1 56 left Brady drops back sacked by doom and miller Denver 21 yards away ne wants Denver to score quickly so they can get the ball back

But manning seeing that Ne is also out of time outs called 4 running plays which takes 1 32 off the clock as Ball sores with 18 SEC LEFT Brady Gets the ball back throws a Hail Mary to gromk IS Caught BUT 2 Yards Short DEN WINS 34-30

Supel Bowl - SF SF Wins 13-10 and they keep Denver D on the field for 42 min But after the Game Manning Said

Men My neck feels great I Will not leave Until I win a 2 SUPER Bowl WE WILL BE BACK

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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