My Ideal Opening Day Roster


QB: Peyton Manning ~ Brock Osweiler
RB: Willis McGahee ~ Knowshon Moreno ~ Lance Ball ~ Ronnie Hillman
WR: Demaryius Thomas ~ Eric Decker ~ Brandon Stokley ~ Andre Caldwell ~ Jason Hill / Matthew Willis
TE: Joel Dreessen ~ Jacob Tamme ~ Julius Thomas ~ Virgil Green
OT: Ryan Clady ~ Orlando Franklin ~ Chris Clark ~ Ryan Harris
OG: Chris Kuper ~ Zane Beadles ~ Manny Ramirez
OC: J.D. Walton ~ Philip Blake / C.J. Davis



: Elvis Dumervil ~ Robert Ayers ~ Jeremy Beal
DT: Ty Warren ~ Justin Bannan ~ Kevin Vickerson ~ Mitch Unrein
DL: Derek Wolfe ~ Malik Jackson
OLB: Von Miller ~ Nate Irving ~ D.J. Williams ~ Wesley Woodyard ~ Danny Trevathan
MLB: Joe Mays ~ Keith Brooking / Mike Mohamed
CB: Champ Bailey ~ Tracy Porter ~ Chris Harris ~ Drayton Florence ~ Omar Bolden
SAF: Mike Adams ~ Quinton Carter ~ Jim Leonhard ~ Rahim Moore ~ David Bruton

Additional Moves:
I would keep Matt Willis and Syd'Quan Thompson on the roster until D.J. Williams and Virgil Green came back from suspension. Also, I'd hang onto C.J. Davis at the Guard position until Kuper is back fully healthy. Thanks to SteveUK for being ever so aware and pointing this out.

Special Teams

K: Matt Prater
P: Britton Colquitt
LS: Lonie Paxton


Practice Squad

Adam Weber (QB)
Austin Wuebbels (OG)
Gerrell Robinson (WR)
Mark Dell (WR)
Steven Johnson (LB)
Sealver Siliga (NT)
Duke Ihenacho (SAF)
Adam Grant (OT) / Tyler Grisham (WR) / Greg Orton (WR) / Cornelius Ingram (TE) / Austin Sylvester (FB) / Jerry Franklin (LB)


Injured Reserve:

Jason Hunter (DE)
Mario Fannin (RB)
D'Andre Goodwin (WR)

Let's knock on wood that this list doesn't grow too much.... and if it does.... no core players please!!!


Players that were hard to cut: Xavier Omon ~ Chris Gronkowski ~ Tony Hills ~ Rafael Bush ~ Caleb Hanie ~ Jeremiah Johnson ~ Ben Garland ~ Syd’Quan Thompson ~ Tony Carter. Out of all these players, Syd'Quan is probably the hardest to cut for his return ability... but I just don't see any way around it. Bolden has too much potential... Leonhard could be a starter... and Bruton has proved way more valuable on ST's than Syd'Quan has since they were drafted. C'mon League Officials.... extend the roster size so guys like Squid can stick around on their home team.

After "the Jump," I'll go into detail about my "arm chair GM" decision making abilites...

Why don't I have 3 QB's on the active roster?...

It's simple... I don't think Caleb Hanie is worth a valuable roster spot + we can always pull Adam Weber off the PS in a pinch. I am almost 100% certain that Peyton "freakin'" Manning will make it through the year as our starter, in which case, Brock can use all the 2nd team reps he can get. In the worst case scenario of Manning going on IR and Weber getting claimed off our PS by the Chiefs, I think a Free Agent such as Jake Delhomme, or Billy Volek, could do no worse than Hanie. From what I heard... we were heavily considering Billy Volek when we made the Caleb Hanie signing.... so no harm done if we have to go back to the drawing board. We better decide quickly though... guys like Volek don't last for long.

Why keep Knowshon over Omon or Johnson?...

First off, Moreno has already made the brunt of his money as a Bronco (if we choose not to resign him next year). I think it would be foolish to throw that away when we basically have a freebie with him this year. Secondly, I think he brings some skill to the RB rotation that no other back on the team has.... such as his route running, skill in the screen game, blocking, and receiving. He is by and large the best on our team at those particular skills, and those skills are something very valuable to a Peyton Manning offense. Next....

Why no Fullback?...

Honestly, because Chris Gronkowski..... so far..... hasn't done enough to warrant a roster spot come Sept. Tamme and Dreessen will be moved all over the field, and they can both be lead blockers if need be. Also, we can stash Austin Sylvester on the PS, and move him up to the 53 if we desperately need a lead blocker at some point. My idea..... let's sign Ovie Mughelli out of the FA pool and get us a real lead blocker for when we're using the Fox / Studesville ground and pound plays. That is, if he's still available.

Why keep Julius Thomas when he can't even sniff the field and roster spots are so hard to come by?...

Simply put... cause his potential is too great just to throw it away after one season. I still haven't given up on him, and I think he can be a real player in time. I think it's funny when fans get impatient with a player like Orange Julius.... did you forget he was supposed to be a project from the get go??? The coaching staff sees him day in, day out, and I may be WAY off here.... but you don't throw away project players with massive potential like him after one season.

Why so light on MLB's?...

Because some of our OLB's can play MLB.... Nate Irving for starters. Also, I really think Danny Trevathan could play on the inside in our scheme, which puts an emphasis on speedy, sideline to sideline roamers who can tackle and make plays. In a perfect Bronco world, Joe Mays is only a rotational player.

More possible questions answered and some random thoughts....

1. I like Jim Leonhard!!! I'd keep him in a heartbeat over Syd'Quan! People forget how valuable that man is to a defense! When he was the QB of that Jets D.... the same one that went to two straight AFC Championships.... they were ungodly good! Rex Ryan said many times that Jimmy Leonhard was one of the main reasons for their defensive success, cause outside of being a little play maker, the guy is fabulous at getting the rest of the D in position and ready to rumble.

2. David Bruton is by far our best STer..... he's another guy I'd keep over Thompson all day long!

3. I'd love to see us sign Jonathan Fanene! If he could stay healthy, I'd cut Big Vick for him pronto!

4. I don't see us cutting Malik Jackson, or successfully placing him on the PS either. He's too young, too big, and has too much potential to throw away just yet. That's the point of drafting players.... you have to let them develop first. Jeremy Beal and Malik Jackson are both keepers in my book.... we need to keep grooming them for the future.

5. Since Hunter went down.... why not pick up Andre Carter out of free agency? We could cut someone to make room for him. That guy, even as recent as last year, has always produced sacks on every single team he's been on. I have no idea why no one's picked him up yet (age.... injury concerns???). As a 3rd down guy, used sparingly, it wouldn't shock me to see him rack up 8 sacks from the bench.

6. Even though this year's team is better than the last, there are still some spots we're weak at. In the upcoming draft, I'd like to see us target:

DT ~ SAF ~ RB ~ OG ~ MLB ~ FB (in no particular order).

7. Retired for John Elway!!!

That's it MHR! My take on the issues at hand. I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks! GB2!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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