SB Nation Fantasy Draft Results for Mile High Report Representatives

Hey this is a Fantasy Football post so what better than to have a Denver Broncos cheerleader posing on it. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

The SB Nation Fantasy Football League held it’s draft on Tuesday and Guru and I participated in the 12 team roster selection so that Mile High Report was well represented. The Computer randomly put him at the No. 3 spot and ironically put me at No. 4. Right then I knew we would be sniping each others picks, or at least I felt Guru would select a player that I wanted one spot ahead of me. I was right too.

Before I get into the thick of my reasoning and results, here are our respective rosters and the rounds each player was taken. Oh, and to help sort out some of that reasoning, the active rosters look like this: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, WR/RB, WR/RB/TE, K, DEF with 5 players on the Bench.

I chose MJD with my first selection, after Ray Rice, Arian Foster and Aaron Rodgers (Guru's pick) were off the board. My other two options (because I wanted a Running Back first), were LeSean McCoy and Ryan Mathews. At least they were rated the highest. Well, Mathews has a broken collar bone and McCoy hasn't done anything for me in the past, so MJD was the logical choice. I know, he is holding out, but the guy is 60% of the Jaguars Offense and I owned him last year.

In the 2nd stanza, John grabbed Brandon Marshall and I took a chance on Trent Richardson. Just in case that doesn’t work out, I chose Jamaal Charles in the 3rd to beef up my Running Back position. Guru selected Jimmy Graham in front of me and his first three players
are all good choices, in my opinion.

In the 4th round I was looking for a receiver since the top Quarterbacks were taken. Antonio Gates was there staring at me and I figured Eric Decker would last one more round. Demaryius Thomas had been taken 7 spots ahead of me, so I jumped on the highest Tight End available. If Gates is as healthy as they say he is, he will be Philip Rivers' top target, with the mediocre talent the Chargers have at Wide Receiver. John picked up the versatile Darren Sproles after me, but he grabbed Eric Decker right before I was going to select him in the 5th round. I had no choice but to take Vincent Jackson as consolation. I guess we'll see how that turns out.

The sixth round had another pick Guru chose that I was eyeballing. He picked up Stevie Johnson, who I owned last year and was a good scorer in my league. I decided to jump on RGIII, because of his versatility. I had already grabbed rookie Trent Richardson earlier and he wouldn’t be the last rookie I chose.

In the 7th, John took Rashard Mendenhall and I selected Michael Crabtree and I hope I didn’t pick the wrong San Francisco receiver. When the 8th round came up, Guru picked Ronnie Hillman and I grabbed Andrew Luck, and with two rookie QB’s, Luck is what I’ll need in this league.

Round nine brought Santonio Holmes to John’s stable and I decided to grab Jason Witten, who was the BPA (best player available). In the 10th round, Guru chose the Chicago Bears Defense, so I countered with the Baltimore Ravens. John went with Sebastian Janikowski in the 12th and I rounded out my Running Back corps with C.J. Spiller.

At this point, our rosters were pretty much complete and the last three picks would be fillers. Except I hadn’t chosen a Kicker yet and wouldn’t until my very last pick.

Guru grabbed Malcom Floyd in the 12th and I selected Ryan Fitzpatrick as my safety net at Quarterback. The 13th round brought Santana Moss to the "Guru Returns" team and I chose Brandon LaFell, who could have a breakout season in 2012. John took Josh Freeman in the 14th round and I added Joel Dreesen, just in case Jason Witten's spleen renders him as useless as Chris Simms. With our final picks, John picked up Felix Jones and I chose Neil Rackers to round out the "Kirk's Jerks" team.

Yeah, it all looks good on paper, but they still have to play the games. So how did we do?

Go Broncos!

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