Preseason Thoughts from an old ball coach.. not named Steve

Oh what an off season it has been. Out with the Timmy and in with PFM. It is not surprising that that has been the majority of the chatter surrounding the Broncos. I certainly understand why, QB is the most important position in the NFL, and we just landed a future HOF'er. One QB made us relevant because he didn't fit the mold and the other makes us a contender because he is the mold. I also believe that a team in today's NFL cannot win a Super Bowl without a top 10 QB. However it is other positions that may make or break the Broncos Season, and some aren't getting much play!!! By make or break I mean are we a serious contender to win it all, along with, New England, Baltimore, Pittsburgh Houston, (AFC only)?Follow me after the break and see if you agree.

I believe that position groups function as units and must also include depth for a group to be really strong so I will touch briefly on each position group and see what the off season and preseason shows us in MHO. I also will not talk about the quarterback position. That has been done enough. Well here goes.

The wide receivers should be an above average group and just slightly up graded from last season. The two starters Decker and Thomas have a year of experience and if " the QB makes the receiver" they are in for a better year , unless you want to argue that KO and Timmy are better than PFM. Oops no QB talk! I know many here at MHR will disagree but I think Brandon Stokley will be an upgrade over Eddie Royal. He just runs better routes and has better hands. He is not more talented just a better fit. Caldwell is better than last year's #4 and Last year's #4 Willis will make it again but as the 5th mostly due to special teams. He is a decent return guy. Sleeper? We may keep 6 if we do I like Hill. We can win the BIG one with this group:)

The running backs are and average group. Guess what that's great for the last several years all the super bowl winners have had average to below average running games. Willis MCgehee is a good starter Ball is a player the coaches trust, and Moreno is on a bus out of town. The difference will be in what the invisible man Ronnie Hillman can provide. He has speed and make people miss abilities. If he makes 5 big plays this season we can win the BIG one with this group. By the way all other backs are a dime a dozen and on special at Wal-mart.

Tight Ends, now we are talking; we got much better here. Yes, I know Tamme dropped a sure TD. IMO he will catch 50+ balls this season. Driessen is a great blocker and a better receiving TE than any we had on the roster last year. I expect Green and Thomas to be the other 2. Thomas simply on potential. There is an old saying amongst coaches, "you don't play potential, but you don't cut it either." Guess what we can win the BIG one with this group!

Ah, the offensive line, the big uglies, the men in the trenches, What can I say this is a just above average group. I think our starters are fine especially after Kuper gets back. By the way Orlando Franklin will have a better than expected year and will be a pro-bowler in 2 years. What scares me is the depth. Ramariez is solid after that we suck.I hope we find some one on the waiver wire after cuts. I believe this is the Broncos 2nd biggest need. But that's OK we can win the BIG one with this group if we stay healthy.

Conclusion: Our Offense is good enough to win the BIG one

The defensive line the big mean guys. Hey we got better. Ty Warren can still play Vickerson, Bannan, and Unrhein are decent. Derek Wolfe is a player and versatile. The inside looks better at DE opposite Elvis you will see lot's of players and I think that there are 7 guys all about the same battling for 3 spots. But it is a bigger stouter group as a whole. We can win the BIG one with this group.

Corner backs in MHO this is the biggest story of the off- season. we got way better. Champ is still Champ, but on the other side Tracey Porter is a stud he make plays and creates turn overs. Harris is a solid nickle back and our back ups are better than last year there will be some had cuts at this position group. We can win the Big one with this group. Sorry I am trying to convince us all.

Safety I can't tell yet at this position but I think we will be better. Miss you B-Dawk coach- em -up over at Valor. Adams is solid and we just added depth. The big key to this group is Rahiem Moore. I thin he is going to be fine mostly because of a good pass rush. I want to watch this group in the final 2 pre-season games before I say we.........

Last and least our Line Backers I wrote an entire post on them last year we have the worst LB core in the NFL. We have one player Von Miller. I am sure he would rather be in meetings with the DL beacuse it has to be hard to be associated with the rest of the LB group. There is one tiny light of possibility here and that is Jack Del Rio. When a DC played a position he will die trying not to make that position group the laughing stock of the NFL. Good Luck Jack. I know I did not mention names here but there are none besides Von worth mentioning. They don't attack the line of scrimmage, they are poor tacklers and they are so easily isolated in coverage it is ridiculous. If it's 3rd and 5 or less our LB's will get burnt in coverage. This group could dare I say keep us from winning the big one.

The good news I really only see 1 weak position group on our team and other teams are flawed as well. Hey this is just one old man's opinion let me know what you think.

PS. I know there are typos and spelling errors. I am old and tired if you want to go back and fix them go ahead. I am a fan not a blogger or writer.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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