The next 22?

I started to respond to Bronco Mike’s question in the Roster Moves comments as to who are the next 22 cuts. Then I realized that it was an answer that required a new post. So, seeing as I haven’t posted for a while, I think it’s time to see Who’s the next contestant on You’re cut!

This is by no means complete, as much of these cuts hinge on play in Thursday’s game in Arizona. Nevertheless, as a discussion point, some of these cuts have probably already been decided in the coaches’ minds, barring an amazing performance three days from now.

75 roster slots down to 53 rosters spots means 22 guys go bye-bye:

1. Jamie Blatnick (waive and then practice squad)

2. Jerry Franklin (waive, PS)

3. Duke Ihenacho (waive, PS)

4. Greg Orton (waive, PS)

5. Gerrell Robinson (waive, PS)

6. Wayne Tribue (waive, PS)

7. Ben Garland (waive, PS)

8. Adam Grant

9. Lance Ball or Jeremiah Johnson (waive, PS)

10. CJ Davis

11. Mitch Unrein or Sealver Siliga (waive, PS)

12. Chris Kuper to the PUP?

13. Virgil Green (to wherever they put the suspended guys)

14. D.J. Williams (ditto)

15. Cornelius Ingram

16. Rafael Bush

17. Tony Carter

18. Matthew Willis

19. Jason Hill

20. Chris Gronkowski (I know I keep hearing that this isn’t going to happen, that Fox is going to keep a legitimate fullback on the roster, but this is my feeling, however wrong)

21. Drayton Florence (I keep hearing he’s just not keeping up, and frankly, that’s what got him let go from Buffalo, so... I think he might be gone)

22. Adam Weber or Caleb Hanie (I think Adam Weber is going to get waived and whether he makes waivers and ends up on the practice squad is a whole different discussion. I think there are a couple of teams that might try to snag him. I think that we should cut Hanie and keep Weber, but my gut feeling is Fox wants a experienced backup QB holding the clipboard, so Weber goes back to the PS for one more year)



On a side note, I just read that New England just cut Jabbar Gaffney. I wonder if the Broncos might take a hard look at a familiar face as Bubba Caldwell seems to have the dropsies. (11 year sure-handed vet vs. 5 year butterfingered wideout)

What do you think?

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