Final 53

Here is my take on what our final 53 will look like. A couple caveats before we get started:

1) It is my understanding that DJ and Virgil Green will not count against the roster limit until their suspensions end. For that reason my roster will have 55 names. Please correct me if I am wrong on this (but be gentle)

2) I am operating on the assumption we do not find anything else we like on the waiver wire. While I will not idenitfy any specifics, based on what I have seen so far, we really have to consider the possibility of dropping a DB, WR or RB in favor of a same position player that is a credible punt returner.

So follow me after the jump, or if you don't enjoy that lingo then please read on past the stars . . .

I will begin with what is easiest - Special Teams

K - Prater

P - Colquitt

LS - Brewer (I would have missed this one a day ago)

So we stand at 3 and move to the Offensive side of the ball. There will be some tough calls here, so let's see what I came up with, shall we?

QB - Manning, Hanie, Osweiler (I can see Hanie being dropped in favor of a pocket passing vet)

RB - McGahee, Hillman, Moreno, Ball (it hurts me to say it, but Ball is a safe call)

FB - Gronk (I can't see us going w/out a FB, especially with Green out)

TE - Tamme, Dreessen, Thomas, Green (too soon to call it quits on OJT)

WR - Thomas, Decker, Stokely, Caldwell, Hill

T - Clady, Franklin, Clark (I'd love to see Harris take 3rd tackle spot)

G - Beadles, Kuper, Ramirez, Hills (Hills is the least, but he has been playing T & G)

C - Walton, Blake

So now we are at 28 (29 if you count Green, which I am not). Now it is on to the group I hope ushers in a new era of Denver Bronco Football. The new Orange Crush:

DE - Doom, Ayers, Wolfe, Beal, Jackson (all of these guys, even Ayers, can get after the QB)

DT - Warren, Bannon, Big Vick, Unrein

ILB - Mays, Irving (I think Nate could be a surprise cut, but I'm going vanilla)

OLB - Von, DJ, Woodyard, Johnson, Mohamed, Trevathan

CB - Champ, Porter, Harris, Bolden (Squid is my final cut)

S - Adams, Moore, Carter, Bruton, Leonhard

I believe that is 55 names, and a good group at that. I hope I am correct in that we will get to 55 then have to drop 2 when the suspended players are reinstated. At that point I see Gronk being cut in favor of Green, who has some experience at the FB & H-back positions. When DJ returns I see Mohamed or Trevathan getting dropped. That is my list, let me know what you all think.

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