Delay Of Game?

A certain guy named Peyton Manning came to town and changed everything in the Bronco Camp. Well, he actually started changing everything even before he was signed onto the team, because even as the rumors flew that he had narrowed his search to our team, certain players in the NFL began looking at the Denver Broncos in a totally different way.

Suddenly, we became a contender in their eyes. Just like that, the players formed an opinion. These are the guys who really know the true value of another player because they have played against him. Suddenly acquiring free agents became a lot easier, but back to the Delay Of Game.

After the hiring, Peyton took over the off season with a taste of what was to come. An intensified nonstop graduates course on how to focus on excellence. He offered an unspoken open invitation to his new team mates to take advantage of the free course.

Several jumped in immediately and by the beginning of OTA's we could all see that they were ahead of the rest of the class. No delay of game penalties for those guys. Everyone knew coming in that Peyton has game! They just didn't know he would be the game.

As training camp progressed, he quickly showed his team mates that this graduate course was fast paced and required dedication like they have never needed before. We as fans, began to question who would back up our new QB. Everyone already knows that if Peyton misses a game due to injury, the entire team gets a delay of game penalty.

The question is just how big of a penalty would it be? A minus 1,000 yards for the year sized penalty?

All the back ups are very young. If Peyton is a senior citizen, then Hanie is a teenager, Weber is in pre-school & Osweiler just figured out that if he sucks his "passy" instead of his thumb, he can use both his hands 100% of the time. I think part of Hanie's problems are that he is intimidated by the fact that he has a long way to go before even beginning to measure up to the game.

It is obviously the mental aspect of the game that separates these players. Physically, every one of Peyton's back up prospects are in better physical shape than he is, so it's all mental. Osweiler isn't the only QB who is benefiting from this crash course! Once Hanie got over the fact that Peyton will always be scrutinizing every move of every player on the team, he seems to have settled in a bit. I'm not sure Hanie likes Peyton! Is he jealous? I would be!

Weber never seemed intimidated to me, but then he knows that he has a long way to go. The Oz is just happy to have this new sandbox to play in, and having Peyton to play with is exactly what the kid needs. So, which QB do you all think will gain the most in this crash course, and which one would give us the smallest delay of game penalty?

My guess is:

Hanie........-900 yards for the year.
Weber.......-1,100 yards for the year.
Oz............ -1,000 yards for the year.

Who do you think should be the #2 QB this year.

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