Not only SI baby!!!

It looks like SI is not the only mag that thinks Denver verses Green Bay for a SB rematch. Just read through my ESPN mag and say that they also have Denver verses Green Bay in SB XLVII.

Now for a run down on how we got there, though ESPN's eyes or AccuScore anyways. They run all the game through there system to see what the season would look like. Here are the Broncos results, on there way to the SB!!!

Week 1: 21-20 win over Pittsburgh, 1 point is 1 point and a W in our column not Pittsburgh.

Week 2: 28-25 win in the Georgia Dome although not easy we pull it off and a great 2-0 start to the season.

Week 3: 26-24 win over Houston. I think it will be a tough game with all there stars back from injury, but none the less 3-0 baby!!!

Week 4: 26-21 win over Oakland, 1-0 in the West, 3-0 in the AFC, and 4-0 to start the season.

Week 5: 31-34 loss to NE, not a big surprise here, but we will get them in the end...HaHaHa.

Week 6: 31-30 win over SD, going into the bye at 5-1 would be a dream come true for all of us I would say. Add 2-0 in the Division, most would have us winning the West and competing for the SB this year.

Week 8: So close...AccuSroce has it 29.9-30.2 NO. I think we could pull this 1 off given we just came off a bye and we are at home. I say 38-30 win for Denver and a 6-1 record.

Week 9: 29-24 win over Cincy, this should be a good game, while the last couple have and Denver has won the last 2...remember Orton to Marshall to Stockley, maybe we'll see Manning to Decker to Stockley for a Denver win. Denver record 7-1

Week 10: 31-27 win over Carolina. I think this could be very good test for our D verses the very mobile Newton. Plus Foxxy would love to beat his old team. Denver Record 8-1

Week 11: Another close 1, 26.6-26.8 SD. I don't think Sd will be as good as last year and the loss of Jackson and Tolbert are going to hurt more then they think. I think we could sweep the Chargers and Raiders. Denver for me in this 1, 34-20, and 9-1 record, 3-0 in the West, and 5-1 in the AFC.

Week 12: 29-22 win over the Chiefs. Will the Chiefs be good this year? I think it all depends on Cassel. They have a good-great D. They have a good running game with Charles and Hillis. They have good receivers in Bowe and Baldwin, but can Cassel and there line hold up to Doom, Miller, and Wolfe? Advantage Denver in this 1, could Denver sweep the West? More to come...Denver Record 10-1

Week 13: 30-21 win over TB. I don't think this will be that close. Yes Tampa has Freeman, Martin and Blount, but I think Manning and company will run, or throw all over the D. Denver Record 11-1

Week 14: 30-23 win over and sweep of the Faiders. 5-0 in the West with 1 to go. Denver 12-1 to date.

Week 15: Another close 1 for AccuScore 25.4-26.1. I think this is going to be a had 1 to win. I it where in Denver, then yes Denver, but in Baltimore, I'll give it to Baltimore. Denver record 12-2.

Week 16: 27- 17 win over Cleveland. I think this is our best chance for a shutout. If not here then against any of our divisional opponents. I think a 30-0 win would be just what the doctor ordered. Denver record 13-2.

Week 17: A win, we sweep the West, and loss, while we're still in the playoffs and the Chiefs are looking at next year. 26-20 win for Denver. 14-2 record, 6-0 in the West, and 10-2 in the AFC.

Now to the playoffs, Wildcard round we beat Houston. Divisional round we beat Baltimore. Conference round we beat NE. So we get revenege on NE and Baltimore. ESPN has use lossing to GB in the SB, but thats where SI and ESPN(AccuScore) got it wrong.

I think we go 12-4, 5-1 in the West and 9-3 in the AFC with losses to NE, Carolina, Baltimore and KC, and the lose to KC is because Manning is sitting and waiting for the playoffs. If Manning stays up, Decker and Thomas both get 80+ catches, 1000+ yards, and 10+ TD. Dreessen and Tamme combine for 80 catches, 900 yards and 10 TD. McGahee runs for 1200+ yards and 10+ TD. Miller and Doom each get 12+ sacks and Wolfe adds atleast 8. O and D both in the top 5. I think the biggest weakness on this team is a true #2 QB. Elway had his injuries at the end of his career, so will Manning. We need a Bubby Brister to step in for a game or 2 to help keep Manning going strong into the playoffs.

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