Broncos vs Cardinals Preseason: The No Bull Review

We have finally made it to the end of the pre-season. I'm excited for the regular season but man this game is just almost worthless. You can't really tell much about your team in game 4 of the pre-season. You can tell a few things about the players. The question always becomes, "Is it enough?" Always keep in mind this is one performance out of 4 pre-season games, the OTAs, and TC. The coaches are looking at a body of work, not just this one performance.

That being said a great performance here can mean the coaches want to hang onto a guy to see if he can do more. It isn't worthless, but I tend to see people put too much stock in one pre-season game.

Had a great time in the game thread last night by the way...I felt very much like I was surrounded by some very intelligent Bronco fans. We mostly saw things the same way and there was very little uber negativity. Good times!


  • What can you say about Knowshon? He showed some very nice stuff last night. Great burst and cutting...showed good vision on a cutback early in the game for a couple extra yards. Very big run in the 2nd quarter. His running was the offence in the 1st Q (props to the line for opening some holes for him!).
  • Thomas dropped an easily catchable pass. You have to have strong hands son! This is one of the guys that looked expendable last night.
  • I could go on and on about Hanie. He really showed his ineptitude in my opinion last night. 2 passes were out patters to the sidelines that he overthrew...those are easy completions any NFL QB should be able to make. Both times he made the right decision but didn't have the capability to make the play. 3rd and 12 2nd Q he throws a check down about 5 yards from the line that has no chance to pick up the 1st. His fade route throw was also horrendous in the red zone...that's the 2nd one I've seen him throw this pre-season and neither was catchable. I really would do a dance if we released him...he sucks.
  • The O-line had its ups and downs. Their pass protection was deceptively decent -- I say that because Hanie kept making them look bad by bolting before he needed to. They were definitely doing their jobs in the run game. We were 9 out of 10 times winning the battles at the line.
  • Gronk made one good play early on a lead block for Knowshon...nothing spectacular about it though. He had a holding call that was bad though - all he had to do was not hold the guy's jersey and we would have made a good play.
  • Virgil Green looked pretty darn good and is one of the guys who made the case for being on the team last night. I don't know how he was looking in TC, but this game he was a playmaker. Great YAC running by him.
  • I didn't catch the names, but two morons in the 1st half cost us a play right before the 2 minute warning. That was an awful mental can't do that late in the half or game when your team has the ball.
  • Blake got his ankles broke on a 1st down late in the 2nd half...bad. (not an injury guys...just using a basketball slang term for getting beat bad)
  • Robinson twice made some great YAC...once in each half. It was solid, but I don't remember much of him from our other this is one of the "is it enough" questions. I don't see room for him on our 53...maybe practice squad?
  • Here's what I liked about Brock Osweiler: He's not at all afraid to throw the ball. It is the flip side of Hanie. I think Os will have a shot at being something once he learns the playbook better and understands more about reading coverages. He made a very dumb INT tonight, but kept making some smart throws that were mostly accurate. I really would like to see him as our backup if we don't bring in someone besides Hanie.
  • Ronnie Hillman: His jukes early in the 2nd half won't work against starters fyi. It looked cool and all, but it is fool's gold. The next time he tried it he got stuffed by the way. You have to be decisive and take what you can get in the make big plays by burst, not by juking. There was only one Barry Sanders son. Later on in the 2nd half he started taking what was there and looked solid for sure though.
  • I don't know if Jeremiah Johnson did enough in this game either, but here's what I've always loved about him: He makes his decision and runs with authority. It doesn't always work, but he has shown some decent 6-8 yard runs enough that I like him better than Ball.
  • Orton was sloppy early with a drop, but makes a great last catch. If he does anything for us I think it will be on the practice squad this year.
  • Weber should go to the PS if he has eligibility...his throw late was the right decision and it was gutsy. Loved it. His other performances definitely left much to be desired so I won't cry one bit if they don't keep him.


  • Leonhard looking poor early...he seemed very tentative and took some bad angles. He picked it up as the game went on and looked solid.
  • Florence PI call? BS..he didn't affect the route and the ball wasn't catchable.
  • Jackson had a very good game. He made a great run stop. Brought pressure later that caused an INT. My favorite was him owning a tackle and making the QB crap his pants and fall over.
  • Irving nice tackle. 2nd Q big hit on Lindley to force INC. He was active and showed up this game.
  • Trevathan in on everything early. Impressing me all through the first quarter...pass coverage, run defense, tackling. If you missed the game, this was the star by a landslide. It is play like this that will make DJ Williams expendable after his suspension.
  • D-line losing all over the place in the trenches early. Pretty weak and disappointing. As the game went on they started winning the battles more.
  • Quentin Carter great tackle in the open field...that was all I noticed though. Where you at son?
  • Squid and Bush blow it on a 50 yard play. The CB let his man get 2 steps on him and the safety let him get behind him. It was a perfect example of how NOT to play coverage.
  • Squid makes a great INT later. Then toward the end of the game gives up a 56 yard pass. FAIL I really think Squid signed his papers in this game. Whatever magic he had as a rookie just isn't there anymore.
  • Bolden great stop in the run game...I love me a CB who knows how to tackle. Late coverage looked really, really good. I think this kid was a good draft pick by us.
  • Tony Carter - 2 great coverage plays in a row late...may be worth a spot on the PS if you judge him by this game. The other games I saw make me say toss him though.

Special Teams:

  • Good coverage on punts through most of the game. There was one that almost got away be we contained it.
  • Willis early made a poor choice cutting back left on PR. Should have got what he could to the right.
  • Bolden great run on the return. Robinson also heads up to keep him inbounds. Exciting play.
  • Bruton's penalty late game: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over? I like this guy, but that was pretty dumb.
  • Prater saves the game after Whisenhunt does his best to earn the ire of preseaon fans one likes OT in the preseason Ken. No one.

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