What 2 Watch 4: preseason games


Ok pals, preseason time! Our first game happens next thursday, August 9th, when we visit the Chicago Bears.

We know there aren't rules about what to watch on these games, or any script to follow, so let me start warning this is more like a "what is the brazilian guy thinking about the preseason games and what will he try to observe" post.

First of all, I don't share Shany's thoughts about preseason games, so I don't care about the scoreboard in the end. I'm more worried on realizing which systems we will be running, how good the players fit our systems, how to grade and compare them and etc.

My point is to share some questions I made to myself with you guys, and also know what are your own questions about this whole thing. Here we go...

About our players, I have a few question marks in my mind about the performance of some players, regardless of the system:

1. We have plenty of youth at WR, despite Brandon Stokley, so which of them will show more chemistry with Peyton Manning?

2. Which tight ends will be used more as blockers and which as pass catchers?

3. How are this young OL going to perform both on pass protection and run blocking now we have a "traditional" QB at the helm again?

4. How are we going to use our RBs? I mean talking about starter, change of pace, spell or rotational... How is Moreno looking like?

5. Which players seem to be more fatigued after each quarter?

6. I know the first move of a safety is always looking for his assignment or a zone, and the second shows how well he read a play. So how much are Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter improved after the training camp?

7. How good are our defensive linemen stuffing the runs up the middle? And on the edges?

8. Who will be our team leaders, especially on the defense since Dawkins retired?


Talking about the systems, we are going to face a deep change on the offense now we signed a future HOF quarterback. We need to play our strenghs and I'm sure our coaching staff will do this. So I'm wondering:


1. Are we calling more rushing or passing plays?

2. Are we making formations with 3 or more receivers, with 2 halfbacks, or with 2 tight ends for the most part of the time?

3. How often do we see a FB on the field? Is he used more to block and pick up blitzers or to catch passes on the downfield?

4. Are we using misdirection plays? And how about screen passes? Bootlegs?

5. How good are our playactions being executed by our quarterbacks?

6. When our QBs throw an interception, who made a mistake? The QB himself, the WR running a wrong route, a mistake on the system creating an unfavorable matchup, or kudos to the opposite defense?

7. Who are going to be our biggest targets? Or are the passes being thrown well distributed to all the directions?

8. What's the ratio between short, middle and deep plays?



1. How often we call a base 4-3, an under/over 4-3 and a nickel formation?

2. Will our LB blitzes come more from inside the gaps or from the edges?

3. Which positions at DL will play 1 gap or 2 gaps system?

4. Are our CBs playing more man or zone coverage? What kind of alingment are they doing for the most snaps?

5. Who will cover the opposite TEs, our sam or strong safety?

6. Is our will (whether DJ, Woody, Danny or whoever is out there) playing more zone and blitz or zone and man?

7. Are we trying to induce the opposite offenses to run or to pass?


So what do you guys think about these questions? Do you have any hints about it? Do you think any of them is useless? Would you like to add any other? Thank you everybody for the great football conversations we have here on MHR, I hope this post can be another one.


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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