Why the last season was special for me

As I sit here loaded off of Vicodin and gagging on gauze after having my left side wisdom teeth extracted(which I should have done 10 years ago instead of waiting til 30 years of age), I decided to create a fan post to pass some time. The Denver Broncos have been a huge part of my life, just like many of us MHR fans. The past year I have to say has been one of the most exciting for me to be a Broncos fan. Here are the reasons why...

John Elway back in the saddle again-

born in 1982, Elway was my childhood hero like many Bronco fans born in the 80's and I grew up pretending I was John Elway on the playground and in the backyard throwing footballs. The years after Elway's retirement were filled with disappointments barring a magical Jake Plummer led 13-3 season that ultimately led to an overwhelming disappointment at home. After Elway, my childhood heroes one by one began to retire...Atwater, McCaffrey, Sharpe, Smith, Nalen, Mecklenburg, Fletcher, and the list goes on and on. Seeing the swagger the Mag 7 brings back to the Broncos organization is exciting and refreshing, especially coming off of the McDaniels "Patriots West" experiment.

Broncos in the media spotlight

Living out in CA, I have to get my fix of Broncos football on the internet. I must admit although it was nauseating at times seeing the pundits constantly criticize Tim Tebow, John Elway, and the Denver was just as great watching this team go on a magical winning streak that drove the media insane. And the feeling of rejuvenation that swept through the entirety of Broncos Country as Demaryius Thomas stiff-armed not only Randall Gay, but every doubter as he rumbled his way 80 yards, simultaneously finally giving the new Mile High Stadium a signature moment.


The way this team played with a never say never attitude made me as proud as I ever been to be a Denver Broncos fan. Youthful at many key positions, this team bonded and battled to the bitter end in Foxboro.

Denver at Oakland

I personally finally got the cajones and suited up in all-out Broncos gear...including an authentic bright orange Tebow jersey complete with beanie, windbreakers, and Denver Broncos shoes and headed to Oakland Coliseum and I proudly watched as this team battled back from a 17-7 halftime deficit, and ran all over Oakland. I got to witness first hand, Raider Nation chant F-Tebow for 3 quarters strong and be shut down to a complete silence(minus the Raider fans fist-fighting one another in front of me). That experience was definitely one of my greatest fan moments I've had beside the Super Bowl wins.

Denver Bronco walks into my store

Another great experience I had this year was coming out of my back office at the jewelry store I work at to see none other than Broncos TE Virgil Green in my store! A co-worker of mine was a friend of his and went to the same high school as Virgil, so he called him up and told him what a huge Bronco fan I was and it would mean a lot to me for the chance to meet him. Virgil and I talked about the success of the season(this was just a week after the NE playoff loss). He told me how he and Tebow basically drew up plays for McCoy when they first decided to give the college option read offense a shot. I ran over to the Kmart right behind my store and bought a cheap football and ran back to the store and demanded Virgil play catch with me outside the store, lol. He happily obliged, and afterward he signed the ball for me, as well as the Broncos hat I just happened to have in my office. Living in the same town he is from, it is great to see a young kid like Virgil give back to his community when he visits. His trips back home to Tulare, CA consist of visiting kids at the local elementary schools, and working out at the high school field as well as the gym. There are no nights out partying at the clubs when he's back visiting, which is also very refreshing to see. I have become a big fan of Virgil's and after seeing first hand the way he conducts himself off the field, I think this kid can turn into something special in the NFL, and I am hoping it's with our Denver Broncos!

These are just a few moments that really made the past season special for me.

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