Moving On, Moving Up. Thanks Peyton.

I loved last season. I love unpredictability, passion, just the excitement of it all.

I loved Tebow. I loved the never-say-die, prove-the-doubters wrong attitude, all with humility. I was at the Houston came the year before, and last year the Jets game (I won't talk about the Lions game) and the Steelers game.

As much as I would supported TIm as starting QB, loved to him stay as backup, and always been on his side, there was always an element of the 'flaky girlfriend' syndrome about him…. You know how it is, the girlfriend that you really really really want to be 'the one'… but there's the part of you, deep down, that you try not to listen to, that tells you that there are problems.

Cute, sweet, funny… but every now and then at a table full of friends she asks 'What time does the 9pm flight leave?" or "When do they have Christmas in Australia?" ….and it's like… facepalm, awkward smiles…. And you just know. You don't want to know. But you do.

When Peyton was signed and Tebow booted, I was nervous - not because I didn't think he'd kick butt as a Bronco.. .but just because I wondered if I'd ever get to the same excitement level as I did last season. I mean, who reading this was sitting down at the end of the Bears game. Or the Chargers game. Or the Miami game. The Jets game? The Freaking STEELERS game? Anyone? I seriously think my blood pressure is better because of the near-heart attacks I was suffering each week.

I was worried that Peyton would be clinical. Systematic. Professional. Cold. Perhaps I'm an idiot for that, but that’s how I felt.

All that ended tonight.

Tonight was freaking awesome. Even 4 from 7, it was Peyton Freaking Awesome Manning. It was sharp, tight, slick, awesome. And yes, exciting.

With Tebow you were on the edge of your seat, never knowing what you were going to see, just hoping "gawd, don't screw it up", holding your breath.

With Manning it was edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating each bullet pass, with a confident "BRING IT" feeling. I like this feeling. I'm gonna like this season. I'm gonna like other teams thinking 'uh-oh, we got the Broncos this week'.

So thank you Manning. I'll keep tabs on Tebow, respect him, and hope he does well. But that era is how past. I'm exhaling. And I couldn’t be more excited. Some of you will say "I told you so", some will say "I felt like that when we drafted him", some will say "Tebow was a loser anyway"- and I'm happy for you (well, some of you). But just like the flaky girlfriend, sometimes no matter what your friends tell you, you just gotta get to your own conclusions, even when they are right in front of you.


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