Surprise! (Week 1)

I love surprise gifts. I mean, who doesn't, right? In that vein, I loved seeing some pleasant surprises in last night's game versus the men of steel. There were things I expected, like Von Miller sacks and Manning TD's, but the ones I didn't expect made the game even better.

On to my pleasant surprises for Week 1!

1) Wolfe with the first sack of the game - Broncos country was expecting sacks from Dumervil and Miller (and to a certain extent, Wolfe), but the first sack of the game from our second round pick? Awesome! I'm on board with the movement to have the home crowd do a wolf howl every time he makes a big play.

2) Another long TD from DT - I kept hearing all off-season how the long TD from Tebow to DT was a result of a poor defensive call and blown coverage from the Steelers in the playoff game. Well... how about ANOTHER long TD from DT against those same Steelers? A fluke? I think not!!!

3) Manning runs for 1st down! - Did we REALLY see that? Did our immobile QB with the quick release REALLY scamper his way to a first down against the top ranked D in the league, last year? Yes... we... DID!

4) Porter(to the)House with (almost) multiple picks - Yes, he did take his pick to the house and that was AWESOME. But did you see how many times he nearly came away with an interception in last night's game? Wow. Let's hope his hands get stickier as the season goes on, because his coverage was sticky enough to make me hope he'll have a lot of picks this year!

5) Manning's (fairly) clean jersey - I don't think any of us were picking our O-Line as a big source of strength for the upcoming year. Decent, yes. Big strength? Ummm... However, after watching them give PFM a solid amount of time in the pocket against the blitzing men of steel, I was pumped (to say the least).

6) TD Tamme - Count me as one of the, er... underwhelmed, during TC and preseason while watching Tamme get seriously outperformed by Dreessen. Seeing Tamme make a number of clutch catches, including a TD!, last night was a nice surprise, to say the least.

7) Power Stokley - Okay... I knew Stokley would be a nice 3rd down security blanket for Manning this season, especially early in the year. But watching him catch a 3rd down pass deep in our own zone and then SHED a defender to pick up a nice chunk of extra yardage? Big (pleasant) surprise!

Those were my pleasant surprises. What were yours?

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