By the Numbers: Week 1 PLAYMAKERS

Some of you may recall from the end of last season that Bronco Mike and I developed a means of objectively evaluating the Bronco/opponent performances on a game-by-game basis. This post (will be weekly) uses a scoring system related to what we used to evaluate our team performance, but rather focusing on individual players.

We are focusing on the big plays, the plays that can change the momentum of the drive/game. I'll provide a brief description of methodology at the bottom of the post for those who want to follow this more carefully.

I'm using game stats here, but giving extra weight to the impact plays. The higher the score, the more impact that player had in actually changing the course of the game for the better.












1st Down


3rd Conv


2pt Conv




Manning 39.5 1.5 -1 26 3.5 3 2 6
McGahee 8.5 .5 -2 6.5 1 1 2
Moreno 5.8 1.2 1.3 .5 1 3
Ball 1.9 1 1.4 .5
DThomas 15.5 3.1 11 .5 1 3
Decker 6.4 1.3 5.4 1
Stokley 4.6 2.3 2.6 2
Willis 1.9 1.9 1.4 .5
Dreessen .6 .6 .6
Tamme 5.3 1.1 4.3 1 3


Notes about the OFFENSE:

* The only better QB performance last year was Tebow in the Pit WC win (40.6). Manning is masterful. All you can say.

*McGahee didn't do much. Outside of Moreno's TD, the running game didn't do much. However, the 16.2pts by the running backs was slightly better than last year's WC game, so a slight improvement. We can't be too hard on them.

*D Thomas was considerably more valuable than Decker. Stokley had 2 big 3rd down conversions. Anything over 12 is a very good game by a receiver.

*Decent game by Tamme. Couple of 1st downs and the TD.








No Gain




Tkl Loss








Dumervil 5 -.5 1.5 2 2
Wolfe 4.5 .5 1 1 2
Warren .5 .5
Vickerson 1 -1 2
Ayers 1 1
Unrein .5 .5
Bannan 1 1
Mays 2.5 .5 2
VMiller 9.5 -.5 1 1 8
Woodyard 12.5 4.5 1 4 3
Brooking .5 .5
Moore 1.5 -.5 2
Adams 5 2 3
Leonhard .5 .5
Harris 5.5 1.5 4
Porter 18 3 4 3 2 3 3
Bailey 1.5 .5 1
70.5 -2.5 20 13 7 24 3 3 3

Notes about the DEFENSE:

*Let's hope for more impact plays from our linemen in the future. Wolfe had a couple nice plays early, Dumervil had a couple but overall, not much from the line. Not awful, but not great either. For comparison purposes, last year our line averaged 16.5 pts, in wk 1 we had 13.5.

*Miller and Woodyard were good. Mays wasn't for the most part. Miller didn't do much till late when he had a 3rd down stop and 4 tackles for loss. Woodyard did the heavy lifting for most of the game, and at the end stopped Pit on 4th down. We need better from Mays next week though.

*Porter was the defensive MVP by a mile in this game. He caused 4 no gains, 3 3rd down stops, a neg yardage, interception & he took it to the house. If he keeps that up, we have perhaps the best CB tandem in the league. Harris had some nice plays behind the line of scrimmage, and Adams had a few stops as well. Good secondary play.

*70.5 pts in this system is high for a defense. Keep in mind though that the defense was on the field a lot which raises the potential for a higher score. The reason we held Pitt down is clear, 13 no gain plays, and 12 negative yardage plays. That's 25 plays that the Pit offense either made no progress or slide backwards. That is pretty sweet. Let's hope for more of that next week!

That's all. Below I have a key of my methodology if you're interested. Till next week...


NegYds = anyone tackled for a loss including sacks AND penalties

TO = any turnover

Yards = any positive yard is worth .1 pt each

1st Down = if you make a play that results in a first down on 1st or 2nd down

3rd Conv = if you make a play that results in a first down on 3rd down

2 pt Conv = 2 point conversion

TD = Self explanatory


Penalty = any penalty that give opponent free yardage

Tkl/Ass = any run of the mill tackle or assist

No Gain = any tackle that results in no gain or a pass defended

3rd Down Stop = any play that results in the other team not converting the 3rd down

Tkl Loss = any tackle behind the line of scrimmage, whether sack or stuff

FF/FR/INT = any turnover or forced fumble

4th Down Stop = same as 3rd except on 4th Down

TD = you should know this

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