Sorry Pitt! Don't Tell Your Friends!

A lot happened Sunday night in a game that we all loved! We won! There isn't a lot more that I can say about how important that win was to us. I can say a few things about WHY!

It was a home game!

It was the opener for this great season!

It was the first game that our new QB had a chance to play in where it actually counted!

It was against an opponent that was destined to test us, and not only that, they wanted soooo badly to beat us that they could taste it, like bile in their mouths!!

This is a team we played on Sunday night, on NATIONAL TV, that has a lot of pride! WE PLAYED A GOOD TEAM!

What too many of U don't get, is what really happened!

I have an inherent problem with negative points of view, especially when it involves the Denver Broncos.

Here is what I saw.

Peyton blew the pants off Ben!

Peyton got 20 to 19 first downs. Ben, U came up 1 short!

What!!!! U got numerous 3rd down conversions?

Kiss my gritts dude! The only reason that U even got that, is because YOU COULD NOT convert on first and second down! Our D was to GOOD! When you can actually get a first down ON FIRST DOWN!?! Then talk to me!

Peyton BLEW AWAY the Steelers by making the field short. Our D, managed to out last the Seelers O

Go back and take a really good look at the chess match & U will then realize just how bad Peyton beat the Steelers.

Let's just look at the stats.

Since P & B (Peyton & Ben) both passed for 2 TD's, then that's even.

The thing in the game that really sucked for me was that B had the ball 10 min longer than P. The only real reason I hated that, is because of what it did to our D! They got tired!

They (PITT) got 2 first downs due to penalties and we got one, so I guess that hey won the battle there.

They got 11 first downs (out of 19 third downs) when they were at THIRD DOWN? That is almost 58%! Our team got 5 of 9! That"s 55%

11 of 19? 58% 5 of 9? 55% You just have to ask yourself what the point is with this 3rd down crap. If you are not pushed into a third down situation by your opponent, then you don't have to beat it!!! Is the Denver D great for that? OR WHAT!?!

It was because our QB is more efficient than there's is. Peyton Manning is going to be a problem for our D. He will most likely get our team off of the field as quickly as he can!

This is the real reason why certain peeps on this site will fail to see reality. Hopefully this report will help. There will be many reasons, over the course of the year, that will make us all second guess certain things, but I can definitely guarantee us all one thing.

We will win big this year!

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