Bronco Fans Reasons To Celebrate


Photo by Kaptain Kirk 9/17/12

I was going to title this post, "Seven reasons to Celebrate" in respect to the turnaround that John Elway has incited in the Denver Broncos organization and Broncos Country. When I looked through the Game releases from both the Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons (tonight's hosts), I found many more and that put the kibosh on that idea. With that in mind, here are my reasons for you to celebrate.

  • The Broncos are on Monday Night Football
  • The game is a mere 3 hours away.
  • The Denver Broncos are playing on Monday Night for the 21st consecutive year, the longest active streak in the NFL and the 2nd-longest in league history.
  • Peyton Manning’s record on Monday Night --- 11-3
  • Manning’s record on the Road --- 65-39
  • Manning's record Indoors is --- 78-33
  • Manning’s record vs. Atlanta --- 3-1
  • Record when Manning has a passer rating of 100-or-better --- 61-9

I don't know about you, but that is enough to get me going.

Now in all fairness, the Atlanta Falcons are favored by 3 points, so we should take a look at similar stats from their point of view.

  • Matt Ryan has an 0-1 record vs. the Broncos.
  • Matty Ice has a Home record of 26-4.
  • Ryan’s record on Monday Night --- 3-0
  • Record when Matt Ryan has a passer rating of 100-or-better --- 24-0
  • Ryan has a current streak of 197 pass attempts without an Interception.
  • When Matt Ryan throws multiple TD passes in a game, the Falcons are 25-5.
  • Atlanta has a Home record of 26-6 (.813) in the last 3 seasons.

For a final comment, here is a bit of Coach Speak courtesy of the Falcons game release

"We get a lot of practice in the offseason working against ourselves. Peyton Manning has probably done it better than anybody in the history of the NFL for years and years with the Indianapolis Colts. He would make all of the calls there at the line of scrimmage. We have that in our repertoire as well. As we put our game plan together we, as a coaching staff, want to put our offensive thoughts together. It could be very possible that we run some no huddle and again we may go out and do what we did the majority of this game and call it. I think we operated at a very good tempo in both of those situations in the game yesterday.

- Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith on the use of the no-huddle offense by the Falcons and the Denver Broncos.

I hope this tides you by until game time.

Go Broncos!

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