It Is Time For A Change!

Roger S. Goodell is the Commissioner of the National Football League, having been chosen to succeed the retiring Paul Tagliabue on August 8, 2006. It is high time for a change in his ability to govern the NFL in the same way that he has been doing it to date!

NO!!!!! It is A MILE HIGH TIME for a change! But why?

Let's first take a good look at who Roger S. Goodell is.

He was born on February 19, 1959. I'm seven years his senior! What could he possibly know that I don't already know? Never mind! Just the fact that he WAS chosen over four finalists for the position, should say something, but, what?

It took five ballots, before he was unanimously approved by the owners. WOW! Five Freaking Ballots?

NOW, he sits in the highest office in this great game that we love, with the absolute supreme power to decide ALL matters?

Yes he does, BUT I THINK NOT!

It is A MILE HIGH TIME for a change!

The change should be simple, and yet enormous! The time that Roger spends on certain things should be limited from this day forward.

It is obvious that it will not be changed instantly, but that it will take a concerted effort by like minded individuals who band together, to make any change that is considered worthy!

Now is that time! NOW is the time that we, as owners of the tickets, must say to the rest of our friends, the ones who cheer next to us in every game, that it is MILE HIGH TIME for a change!

The BIGGEST CHANGE should involve discipline! Please take the time to read the following sentence twice, so that the essence of what Roger is missing sinks deeply into your very core!

There is a certain innate quality of tolerance that requires the tolerant individual to have TIME to consider the issues.

That is something that Roger does not have. Explain to me why he has NOT done the following!

He doesn't even have enough time to solve a salary issue with the referees that govern our game on the field! At least not prior to it becoming an issue that has a detrimental effect on the game, and so that pisses ME & YOU off!

Yes, with all of the serious issues, the time consuming issues that plague Roger, it would seem like he would gladly welcome some sort of relief on some of these issues, and that is why we need to make some suggestions. Suggestions that will change his life for the better!

Think about it. If Roger doesn't have to take the time to think about every bad boy in the NFL who gets into trouble, just look at the time that shaves off of his day. Damn! That's enormous! My suggestion is this.

From now on, the NFL institutes a panel of 6 former NFL players, and 6 current fans, and the difference maker in this group, the person who will have final say to break any tie will be determined by the flip of the coin. In other words, the 13th person on this group of decision makers will either be a fan, or a former player, but the toss of the coin will decide that!

That is absolutely fair, based upon the way that we play this game! This will give the players in the game a fair representation, a truely intuitive view of what real people think of what they did in any given trauma.

For once, the issues in the NFL that hit front page every day have become personal. They are now judged by former players and current fans, as they should be! When the "jury is out", it is a "jury of their peers." It is NO LONGER A ONE MAN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time to make a change!

I just need to know how you think that we should proceed, in order to create an effect on the NFL in a way that the affect will be a positive one.

Any suggestions?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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