Demaryius Thomas better than Roddy White and Larry Fitzgerald?

Demaryius Thomas starting to become a NFL elite receiver

As i pondered why i missed picking Demaryius Thomas on my fantasy football team i decided to do a little homework. I looked back to last year when Thomas started getting healthy and having some meaningful games. I looked at his last five regular season games and the Broncos two playoff games. I then looked at his first two regular season games of this season and his stats over that nine game period were amazing.

Next step was to see where all the experts in fantasy football were picking Thomas in mock drafts. In almost all cases Eric Decker was a higher selection than Demaryius Thomas and the average draft board had Thomas going 21st of all the receivers. (Note, that is not 21st of all players but 21st out of all receivers). All the press in Denver had stories about Eric Decker and Peyton Manning working out together and how Decker would likely be Manning’s go-to-guy in 2012. So far in 2012 that has not been the case.

Now back to my homework. Since i had nine games of data to look at i decided to go look at the best nine receivers in the league (in my opinion) and see how Demaryius Thomas measured up. The results may surprise you a bit and it will certainly surprise all the fantasy experts that had Demaryius slotted to go so late in the mock drafts.

Last note, these stats are based on the players last seven games of 2011 (if they made the playoffs or super bowl those games counted) and the first two games of 2012. I looked at average yards per game and touchdowns receptions. Below is the breakdown.

#9 Mike Wallace 45 Yards per game 4 TDS

#8 Greg Jennings 55 Yards per game 5 TDS

#7 Wes Welker 65 Yards per game 2 TDs

#6 Andre Johnson 72 Yards per game 2 TDS

#5 Larry Fitzgerald 76 Yards per game 3 TDS

#4 Roddy White 92 Yards per game 6 TDS

#3 Victor Cruz 99 Yards per game 3 TDS

#2 Demaryius Thomas 105 Yards per game 6 TDS

#1 Calvin Johnson 125 Yards per game 7 TDs

It appears the former George Tech Yellow Jackets are leading the pack. Calvin Johnson has been the NFL’s best receiver for several years while Demaryius has battled injuries, played through the Tim Tebow circus, and finally becoming familiar with what it takes to be an NFL elite receiver. Johnson is two inches taller and around the same weight. Johnson’s best 40 yard dash time was 4.35. Thomas’ best time in the 40 yard dash was a 4.39. Demaryius is still dropping catchable balls and developing as a receiver but it’s clear Demaryius Thomas is going to be a big time receiver in the NFL. The last nine games shows us just how big! Should be a bright future for DT, especially with Peyton Manning at the helm.

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