Broncos Texans Postgame +/-'s

After taking a few hours to clear my thoughts in regards to the battle at Mile High today, I have decided to come up with +/- grades for today's game(I'm a hockey fan as well and the +/- rating needs to show up this time of year somehow). So without further ado, here are my plus minus ratings for Sunday's letdown...

The Plus Men

Champ Bailey(+1)- Once Andre Johnson scored his 60 yard TD, Champ was assigned to Andre the rest of the game and Champ pitched a shutout until a perfect throw beat him on 3rd and 5, which essentially iced the game. If not for that play, Champ would have finished with a +2 in my eyes.

Wesley Woodyard(+1)- What a play by 52 on the pick. Also loved seeing his passion out there getting the fans on their feet just before the INT took place.

Britton Colquitt(+3)- Stud. What else can you say?

Brandon Stokley(+2)- Great game by Stokley. I really think Matthew Willis should be taking time from Stokley out there as Willis has more of an explosiveness to him, but Brandon keeps making plays week after week.

The Even Men

Peyton Manning- Usually a 300 yard, 2TD performance would give you a plus rating, but much of the yardage and scoring came too late for my taste. His fault? Probably not, especially all of the drops. However, he benefited just as much from the poor hands in the Houston secondary as he was did in by the poor hands on his own team. There were at least three passes that Texan defenders got two mitts on and that is too many.

Eric Decker- Once again, a 6 catch, 107 yard performance would usually mean a plus rating. But how about the diva slide/brain fart/whatever at the end of 3rd quarter? Not to mention the numerous drops.

Chris Harris- A decent game by Harris beside the attempted pass breakup that resulted in an extra 20-30 yards after the catch. Gotta love the passion Harris plays with on every down out there.

Joel Dreessen- Nice bailout of Decker. If Tamme is down for an extended period of time, Joel should fill in nicely. If not, Virgil Green will be waiting after week 4 and be ready to step up himself.

The Minus Men

John Michael Fox McCoy(-3)- The two-headed old school offensive Sultan of Simpleness, John Michael Fox McCoy was at his(their) best form today. Down by 20 near midfield in the 4th quarter???Punt. 1st and goal with time running out???Run up the middle. 2nd and goal??? Same. Lance Ball as our primary receiver out of the backfield??? Brilliant. In such an unbrilliant way I must say.

Demaryius Thomas(-2)- When you are considered the #1 target in a Peyton Manning offense(or any offense) it is your job to make plays. Toe tap. Watch the ball in. Etc, etc.

Joe Mays(-1)- Might have been worse but it really was pretty awesome seeing Schaub's helmet go rocketing into the air. And the ringing in his ears(not to mention the blood) was kinda cool too. (Yea I'm still pissed about the loss).

Keith Brooking(-1) Old.

Derek Wolfe(-1)- I know it might be a bit rough, but you are our top pick...and beside having a kicka$$ name you haven't really done any a$$ kicking the last couple weeks. Make your presence felt out there Derek.

Jack Del Rio(-1)- And this might be a little nice at only a -1. However, Del Rio's defense did gather itself in the 2nd half and held the Texans to what I believe was less than 150 yards of offense. That said, the damage was already done, couple that with the ineptitude on display during the 3rd quarter on the offensive side of the ball, and the 2nd half effort of Del Rio's adjustments will be overlooked. Oh yeah, and put some damn pressure on the QB will ya??? Third and forever and rush 3???

Tracy Porter(-5)- if this plus/minus rating was actually based on points, Tracy would be -14. Hopefully Mr. Porter has a very short memory as I am sure Carson Palmer will be looking his way this coming Sunday. Please have a +14 rating next Sunday, Tracy.

Jim Leonhard(-1)- Jim Leonhard must be a minus. I can catch punts. I can also sit on my couch on Sundays and watch Jim Leonhard catch punts and be paid very well for doing so. Do something else after you catch the punt...a little advice, you are 6 feet tall...if you just fall forward after you catch the punt that will gain two yards. You are not fast enough to run sideways, just catch the ball and fall forward from now on, Jim.

Replacement Refs(-1)- I have defended you for two weeks and I am now tired of defending you, plus your call last week on Moreno's fumble directly resulted in him being inactive this week...which forced us to have to watch Lance Ball. Speaking of Lance...

Lance Ball(-2)- Catch the ball when it is thrown to you. You are the epitome of a boring football player. I don't know what it is about you, it might be just your name...but for some reason no one in Broncos Country likes you. Don't do anything to make that any worse.

Manny Ramirez(-10)-Speaking of names I just don't like...Manny Ramirez. Holy hell did you have a terrible game Manny!!! Never, ever let that happen again. If not for the Broncos offensive line depth being as shallow as Hugh Hefner's taste in women, you would have been long gone. Speaking of which...

Chris Kuper(-1)- Yeah, I know you are hurt, but you being hurt means Manny Ramirez is playing football, and not running out of the green monster after taking a leak. Get well soon...very soon!!!

Crowd(-1)- Yeah, it's tough getting pumped up when the D gives up multiple huge plays early on, but get loud and stay loud the entire game. Late in the game, the passion was there. It needs to be more sustained. Drink more in the parking lot before the game if you must...but cheer loudly the entire game. Be thankful you don't have to go to Oakland or San Diego like I must in order to watch the Broncos. Get loud!!!...and as I am typing this....Baltimore fans are chanting Bull**** in complete unison...see, 70,000 fans can be heard guys!!!

Rahim Moore(-1) looks like you got yourself out of position on the Johnson TD by over committing to stopping the run. But you played hard from what I saw, so I will leave it at just that. Keep getting better.

Mike Adams(-2)- you are supposed to be the veteran back there. Make plays. You had two opportunities to grab picks and you dropped them both. Make plays.

So there you have it...the first installment of the Plus/Minus. I fully expect this team to have many more players in the plus column next week when the hated Raiders visit the Mile High City...Go Broncos!!!

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