The NEW MHR Open Thread

Guys and Gals,

First of all, I want to thank you for caring so much for MileHighReport that you feel the need and urge to comment on the recent changes. There is no one that care more for MHR than I do, having started this little corner of the web just over 6 years ago. In fact, I was reminiscing on what the old version of MileHighReport used to look like at that time. Care to join me -

Yea, that's right, Fan Posts used to be called Diaries.

I remember when we moved to MHR 2.0, the feedback wasn't all that positive. It rarely is when it comes to change. That turned out OK, and I believe this will too.

Listen, I'm not here to try and blow smoke. I'm not here to minimize your feelings. Your concerns have merit and believe me, SBNation is listening. Cory Williams, a fellow site owner at SBNation and a member of the QB team for SBNation United, took the time to leave this comment in another Fan Post:

I’m glad to see you’re all so passionate about your community, and we knew that from day one. Obviously this is a huge change and not everybody is going to be ‘rah rah’ about it.

I’m one of the QA guys on this particular project, and it has been in development for months and months. When I first saw the new look, I was REALLY apprehensive as well. I’ve been the lead editor of our Arizona State blog since 2008 (whee, Brock Osweiler! Omar Bolden!) and I was really concerned about how it would affect my site and whether or not I’d lose readers, page views, that special feeling, the comments, you name it.

My point is, I think it’s completely natural to find yourself not 100% right off the bat. I would never argue with that. What I’d like is for you guys to give it a bit more time and then send us your constructive feedback to — as long as you provide us with things that you feel could benefit the new version of MHR, we’ll certainly take it into consideration. SBN is a living, breathing, developing piece of the internet and we’d be happy to let you have a say in it, provided that you give us tangible things to focus on.

What I am saying is this: we’re not done here. We didn’t just launch this and walk away. There are a lot of bugs to fix and screws to tighten, but we will get there within a few short days. Thanks for keeping the faith. We have a lot of people that have been with SB Nation for years and years who poured their hearts into this and you’ll see the benefits soon enough.

Use the email address above. Let them know what you don't like, what you'd like to see changed. One requirement, however, is to bring solutions. Come up with ideas they may not have thought of. The simple things - like the site colors - will get resolved, no worries there. Bigger issues, as they arise, will get fixed too. SBNation has never stopped trying to improve these sites, never left us hanging. I have complete faith in team behind this.

Change is never easy and depending on your personality it can be damn-near impossible. All I am asking for is a bit of patience. Give it some time and give us some feedback!

Denver Broncos fans are the greatest fans in the world. Your passion has extended to this site. Just like MHR 2.0 was a huge advance from MHR 1.0, I hope that you will give us the time to show you why MHR United is the best MHR yet.


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