Is Champ Bailey Right? I Think So.

We have all lost way to much based upon the transition of the game we love. Football has transitioned so much in the last 10 years, let alone 15 or 30, that it makes me question the structure. Think about the NFL from an organizational stand point

Google it, and skip past the first 50 entries into the deep and oft not seen stuff.

But before you do, read this...

"When they think something's going a certain way, then they want to jump on it and act fast, and make it seem like they're trying to protect us." Champ Bailey, CB on the Denver Broncos NFL team, made an absolutely succinct statement right there! (the bold is something I applied)

"They don't really look into what his intentions are," Bailey said. I would add this to THAT statement, "It's about time that they DO!"

We have run a gambit of interesting scenarios already in this short (three game) 2012 season, but the vast amount of negative press has focused on the inability of the referee's (NFLRA, NFL Referees Association ) & the NFL to come to a payment agreement prior to the beginning of the Preseason's Games!

Now, three games into the games that count, (it actually took three regular season games before the alternates clearly awarded a game to the wrong team) the two sides finally decided to get it together!

Great. (Kind of makes you wonder WHO was at fault the most! The NFL or the Refs)

The NFL (Goodell) did apologize after all. (Coach speak?)

The problem I have isn't that one, however. It is with the NFL's main man Goodell, who started out as a 1982 administrative assistant in the league office in New York under then-Commissioner Pete Rozelle, and the lack of control over the "CONCEPT OF PUNISHMENT!"

It isn't difficult for all of us, after just 3 short weeks this year, to realize that something is amiss in the NFL FO! The FO (Front Office) has a problem that isn't new. Not Exactly!

There has always been the supreme guy at the top, but the personalities have been as varied as the individuals. "The Quality" of the guys who have served has been remarkable. Just take the time to check it and you'll agree.

Times have changed. The game is bigger than one guy!

What Champ Bailey is pointing to is the fact that, ONE MAN can no longer handle the depth of what is needed when it comes to punishing the players and staff who work in this league.

Committees DO NOT MAKE knee jerk reactions.

Now, we are fortunate to have a voice! We have places like Mile High Report where we can voice appreciation and displeasure!

Right now, mine is displeasure.

I want a referendum, a plebiscite. A full time staff that organizes willing groups of retired professional players, mixed with the appropriate amount of FAN INPUT, to review ALL cases of reprimand in the NFL.

I for one, am tired of my man Champ Bailey having to voice an opinion on an issue like this!

I guarantee you one thing though. I appreciate every time that he does!

When the penalties being met out by the NFL to it's employees becomes governed by someone other than the FO, then we will never hear about UNFAIRNESS again! A jury of my peers IS the American way!

I'm sure you have an opinion!

My opinion is that it is past time for the owners of every franchise that makes up this league to form a NEW Union!

It is time that they stop sitting back upon their pay checks, and letting the norm pass as OKAY!

It is Mile High Time, that a league wide plebiscite is established. It is time for the Owners to take back controll of this league!

IT IS TIME 4 change! It is time for the OFL (Our Football League) to take over!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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