Comparing MHR's Previews with Official Broncos Depth Chart

Aug. 30, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington (58) tackles Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno (27) during the first half at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

With the final cuts being made, the Broncos have come up with their final roster. This off-season and pre-season we've been previewing this day. So we'll be reviewing our these previews:

- The #4 Safety
- The #5 Cornerback
- The #3 Tight End
- The #4 Wide Receiver Position

And this official MHR Community Depth Chart:

- MHR Official Depth Chart

Position Battles:

The #4 Safety:
Projected Winner: Either David Bruton or Jim Leonhard
- Actual Winner: Both

In the end both players were kept on because of their special teams work was so good and they were both solid in coverage.

The #5 Cornerback:
- Projected Winner: Omar Bolden
- Actual Winner: Omar Bolden

While there were some big surprises, mainly the release of Drayton Florence and the promotion of Tony Carter, but Bolden easily won the #5 corner spot.

The #3 Tight End:
- Projected Winner: Virgil Green
- Actual Winner: Virgil Green

Green was just better than Julius Thomas, it's that simple. Thomas was taken higher, and would be a tough cut, once Green comes back, but Green was actually productive in 2011 and hasn't had the injury issues Thomas has had. Green's also more versatile, being able to both block and receiver is important. He also looked fantastic final pre-season game.

The #4 Wide Receiver:
- Projected Winner: Unknown
- Actual Winner: Still Unknown

This is tough since Caldwell, Willis and Stokley all had their struggles this pre-season. It may come down to the situation, Caldwell and Willis are better deep threats, but Stokley has a strong connection with Manning.

MHR Official Community Depth Chart

So how'd the prediction MHR put together compare to the actual depth chart and roster? Not bad actually. The biggest differences arose from the keeping of Caleb Hanie over Adam Weber, which was mostly wishful thinking. The running backs, tight ends and wide receivers saw no differences so nice work there MHR. The first big differences came along the defensive line, while MHR had Jeremy Beal keeping his job, the Broncos just didn't agree. There were also differences in the secondary with the MHR Depth Chart keeping Florence and Squid and cutting Leonhard and Carter.

Overall you guys predicted the depth chart 45 out of 53 players, nice work.

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