2013 Denver Broncos Offseason

Has Zane Beadles Progressed Over His Career?


Zane appeals to all as a role model, even singers. Don't be afraid, his pecks don't bite.

NFL Power Rankings: The Recap


Well, 32 days, 32 rankings are in the books. The long awaited recap post is here. I'll be using this format with a brief reasoning for each ranking once the season starts.

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #1


The hardest part for me is keeping my homerism in check and trying hard to keep an objective and questioning eye on this team heading into training camp. There is no team in the NFL I'd rather want...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #2


I am predicting a Super Bowl XXXII rematch between the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos, with predictably similar results. Hey, what can I say, I see orange and blue through and through.

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #3


Now for this next ranking, I feel dirty. I feel wrong. This 49ers team is scary good and could end up going all the way, but there is one team in the NFC that may just be good enough to come out on...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #4


Let the hate pour in. I'm going to get it from my fellow Denver Broncos fans for ranking this team anywhere and I'm going to get it from Ravens fans who are still running around with their junk...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #5


The Atlanta Falcons are not getting the credit they are due. First, the finally won a playoff game. Second, they came very close to representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #6


There has been a lot of "Patriots will take a step back" talk, but I disagree. This franchise is a perennial playoff team and I cannot recall the last time Tom Brady missed the playoffs.

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #7


The Seattle Seahawks could very well be fools gold. Their roster isn't as strong as people think and people look at the hot streak they had at the end of the season, while ignoring the 6 road games...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #8


We are breaking into the elite of both conferences now, with Houston being right there. Gary Kubiak has done an excellent job lifting this franchise out of its expansion roots; turning them into a...


NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #9


The Saints should be much better this year, especially after drafting defense last weekend. They are going to need some better defensive effort if they are doing to stave off the forty-bergers next...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #10


As far as elite teams go, you always have to throw the New York Giants into the mix. The seem to suck in the regular season, but if you ask me, there is no team more dangerous in the playoffs than...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #11


The Chicago Bears have been proven winners year after year, with a few set backs now and then. They added talent in free agency and the draft, so I see no reason for this team not to duplicate...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #12


The biggest key to this team is whether or not they can diversify away from their one trick pony offensive attack. That being Andy Dalton to A.J. Green every other play. Either way, they'll be...

Broncos sign Quentin Jammer


It's been a busy offseason for the Denver Broncos. A busy offseason that doesn't seem to stop. A busy offseason that doesn't seem to stop acquiring former San Diego Chargers players. Free agent...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #13


This year, the Washington Redskins are the odd man out as one team that had a down year in 2012 is likely to surge back into elite status in 2013.

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #14


This team is being overlooked and isn't getting the respect their due. Even I am hesitant to go really bold and make them a playoff team. If they do end up breaking through, it will likely be at...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #15


Let the hate start rolling in! haha Yes, I think the San Diego Chargers are a borderline playoff team. The exit of Norv Turner should at least equate to a few more wins this year and Rivers can't...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #16


Out of all the teams I "disrespected" with a middle of the road ranking, this is the one I think has the best chance to finish in the playoffs this year. They have a strong history of bouncing back...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #17


The Indianapolis Colts were the surprise time in 2012, climbing from the worst record in football to a playoff berth. Somehow they scraped together win after win, in often comeback fashion. Luck is...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #18


I would not be surprised if this team flopped again in 2013 and ends up with a new coaching staff in 2014 to start all over again. I also wouldn't be surprised if they finish 10-6 and make the...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #19


This team doesn't get the credit they deserve defensively, and I am not a huge believer in the Ravens heading in '13, but until those two top dogs are knocked from their perches consistently, I...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #20


The addition of Alex Smith and Andy Reid is going to make the Kansas City Chiefs at least competitive. They have better talent than the Oakland Raiders and will continue to play tough at home. A...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #21


The more the media talks about parity the more the NFL becomes a league of haves and have nots. I think the Dolphins are in the "have not" category and really it has nothing to do with money or...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #22


The loss of Percy Harvin is a major blow for this team. Add that to Adrian Peterson needing to follow up his record season with the team again on his back, and you have a recipe for a few steps...

NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #23


Chip Kelly has his work cut out for him, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Everything will depend on how quickly he can install his style of offense.

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