Another accolade for Peyton - 6th first team All-Pro selection

It was announced today that Peyton was named the first team All-Pro QB for the 6th time in his career with a very impressive 43 of 50 votes. Aaron Rodgers was second with 4 votes. Peyton has also been named 2nd team All-Pro 3 times in his career. So 9 out of his 14 seasons of actually playing, he has been the first or second best QB in the league...and it started early. He was second team All-Pro in both his second and third seasons in the league. He probably should have been second team All-Pro in 2007 as well but was beat out by Brett Favre.

Looking at a smattering of "legendary" QB's, it appears that only Otto Graham has more first team All-Pro selections with 7. Peyton just moved ahead of Johnny Unitas, who had 5 such seasons. Looking at recent players, the closest anyone has come is 4 first team All-Pro seasons. Let's look at some recent legends:

- Joe Montana - 3x 1st team All-Pro and 2x 2nd team

- Dan Marino - 3x 1st team and 5x 2nd team

- John Elway - 0x 1st team and 3x 2nd team

- Brett Favre - 3x 1st team and 3x 2nd team

- Steve Young - 4x 1st team and 2x 2nd team

- Kurt Warner - 2x 1st team and 0x 2nd team

- Tom Brady - 2x 1st team and 1x 2nd team

- Drew Brees - 1x 1st team and 3x 2nd team

- Aaron Rodgers - 1x 1st team and 1x 2nd team

- Peyton Manning - 6x 1st team and 3x 2nd team

Especially in modern times, clearly no one has been so consistent as Peyton. 1st or 2nd team 64% of the time. Marino came the closest in terms of total # of years being 1st or 2nd team, but it took him 15 seasons to do it in if you don't count 1993 when he only played 5 games, so only 50% of the time for him. Even Tom Brady, who some people very foolishly believe is equal to or better than Peyton despite not winning a Super Bowl since he became a truly elite QB but no longer had a top 5 defense at his disposal, only had 3 such seasons in 11 years, not counting his rookie year when he rode the bench and 2008 when he was out for the year. That is a mere 27% of the time he was considered one of the best 2 QB's on that individual season, yet some would put him in the top 2 or 3 all-time. Aaron Rodgers is off to a great start and it will be interesting to track his progress, but by his age Peyton already had 2 MVP's, 3 first team all-pros and 2 second team all-pros.

You have to go back to the 1940's and 1950's when there were fewer teams and the position was a lot less sophisticated to find a QB who showed such consistency in being one of the 2 best QB's in the league year-in and year-out. We have seen Peyton's consistency from week-to-week this season. Imagine doing that for 14 years. Truly remarkable.

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